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Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Dog Swallows iPod - Owner Finds in Poo Working

Funny Finder writes: Last Friday in Dalton, Georgia 23 year old Mark Clamp found his iPod Shuffle he had been missing for the last 4 days. The bad news is it was sitting in the middle of a pile of poo his dog Frank had just left on the back walkway.Rest Of The Story

Submission + - See! You can make it - without the music industry

davesays writes: "FTO "Acoustic guitarist Kate Walsh has knocked Take That off the top of the iTunes download album chart — but does not even own an iPod." Also, according to the article she did it on her own label and recorded it her friends bathroom. *Now* record execs want to talk to her... 2052-details/Essex+songbird+is+Top+of+the+iPods+wi th+her+homemade+album/"

Submission + - Live interview with Carl Macek, Sat. April 14th

Robotech_Master writes: "On Saturday April 14th, at 6 p.m. Eastern/3 p.m. Pacific, I will be conducting a live call-in talk radio interview with Carl Macek on my Robotech talk show, Space Station Liberty. Macek is sometimes known as the "animé Antichrist," but is also widely considered the man who kicked off the modern American animé industry by creating the TV show Robotech and dubs of films such as Akira and Megazone 23 .

The focus of the interview will be Macek's history in the animation industry, primarily centered on Robotech but also covering Akira and other anime dubs, Heavy Metal, Lady Death, and the rest of his varied career.

Anyone who wishes to call in to the show to listen or participate will be welcome to do so. (Due to the possibility of inflammatory "ambush" comments, I will probably not take voice calls for this episode from people I do not know to be trustworthy, but everyone is welcome to post comments and questions in the live chat area.) Questions do not need to be only about Robotech, but can cover Macek's extensive other work as well.

If you will not be able to participate live but would still like to submit questions, post them to this article or use my contact form. I can't promise I'll ask all questions that are submitted but I will try to ask any good ones. For more information on how to phone in and participate, see my TalkShoe guide page."

Submission + - SCO Takes On PJ Herself, Files Motion to Depose

Vexler writes: In their latest attempt at a "scorch-earth" strategy to smear just about anyone related to this trial, SCO has filed a motion to depose Pamela Jones of Groklaw. According to this story, SCO accuses PJ once again of working with Novell and IBM while receiving assistance from them. Be sure to read the accompanying PDFs, but I suspect that PJ will have no trouble finding someone in the open-source community who has the legal training and resolve to defend her with vigor.

Submission + - Securing your laptop while backpacking abroad?

Anonymous Coward writes: "I am planning to travel abroad and backpack through Europe and North America, however my laptop is one necessity I cannot live without. I will be staying in budget accommodation, mostly backpackers hostels, and the security of the laptop is a major concern. What have other travelers done to help secure their prize possession? Any general advice to someone hoping to stay online while enjoying their travels?"
The Internet

Submission + - Open Source Parking Spoofing Headers for Apache?

An anonymous reader writes: From Netcraft: "An open source initiative to reverse gains for Microsoft web server software appears to be using edited server headers to try and improve the showing of the Apache web server. Sites using the Open Source Parking service report that they are running on Apache, but appear to actually be hosted on lighttpd."

Submission + - Since when are computers infallible?

ApolloX writes: I've worked in the software industry for a number of years and I understand how volatile large computer and database systems can be. Most of the time, I'm only called in when something breaks. I know first hand that issues such as a lack of concurrency control, or just a bad database optimization, can lead to corrupted or even lost data.

What I don't know is, why most customer support representatives, in the event there is a data error, will treat the customer as if they are liars or trying to scam them. On a recent call to a company, let's call it Givo, my account number was accidently wiped from the system. Throughout the process, I spoke with half a dozen representatives who claimed I had never had their service before and at each step I was "guilty until proven innocent". What's worse was that at some moments, even when presented with evidence of my case history in their system, representatives would disregard it because the system told them my account did not exist and had never existed.

I can recall many similar support calls to other companies over the years in which the phrase "our computer system is never wrong" was repeatedly used as justification for an issue the representative knew little about. Since when did computers become infallible such that the customer is always wrong? Why does it take multiple escalations of support calls before anyone starts believing that maybe the computer made a mistake?

Submission + - The Best VHS Capture System using Free Software?

mrcgran writes: "I have been trying to find the best solution to transfer VHS tapes to a digital format using Free Software only. I would like to lose as little as possible in the conversion, sampling optimally, minimizing noise and being in control of every step of the process. Storage is not a problem. I'm expecting to use around 5GB+ for each hour of raw captured footage.

The software part seems promising: VLC and mencoder for conversion of raw footage, Cinelerra and many others for video editing.

However, the hardware is being tricky. Most try to bloat the device adding functions like TV/compression/edition instead of focusing on the raw A/D conversion. Chipsets are hidden, and parameters like signal-to-noise, sampling rate etc are unavailable for comparison. Information is scattered and very difficult to find.

Which chipsets/products should I look for, specially for use with Linux and BSD? Which ones allow oversampling of pixel resolution and number of frames (in order to average the values and reduce the noise)? Which setup should I use: S-Video/Composite, sampling rate/oversampling, suggestions on high-quality VHS players/heads/tape cleaning processes, etc? Has anyone tried to use scaling algorithms such as hq/scalenx to upscale video and sound resolution? Pitfalls?"

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