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Submission + - IOC asks Swedish government to stop The Pirate Bay

muffen writes: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has requested the Swedish government to stop notorious file sharing site The Pirate Bay from distributing recordings of the Olympic Games opening ceremony.
The letter sent by the IOC to the Swedish government can be found here:page1 and page2.
The IOC claim that they have contacted The Pirate Bay but received no response. However, according to The Pirate Bay, they have not received anything from the IOC.

Submission + - Piratebay (sort of) going down

muffen writes: It seems like the Swedish police came up with a new idea for blocking PirateBay, confirmed by the swedish police.
Basically, the Swedish police maintains a list of child pornography sites in Sweden, and on a voluntary basis, the ISP's in Sweden block access to the sites. This week, PirateBay will be part of the list so almost every ISP in Sweden will block access to said site.

Since the news leaked, the swedish police website has not been reachable and is suspected to be under a DoS attack. Furthermore, several sites in Sweden, most of them belonging to sport-clubs, have been hacked and the page replaced with the page you get if you are on the Swedish child pornography blocklist.

It should be noted that the people behind PirateBay hasn't argued against the child pornography claims (also, some links are to Swedish webpages, the links in the story are going via Systran for the English translation).

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