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Comment Re:Shipping (Score 0) 174

Don't think I'm missing your point, because I'm not. I agree with everything you said, I'm just going to go off on a tangent based on your mention of Sears...

Sears has internal problems, certainly - but in large part it is doomed no matter how well run due to past strategic decisions. Back when their main business was mail order, they insisted on publishing their huge tome and sending it to every home in the USA at considerable expense. Meanwhile, specialty catalogs like LL Bean were eating their lunch. Sears had the largest database about the buying habits of US consumers in existence, and yet instead of using that to their advantage to send out more frequent, seasonal, targeted specialty catalogs they stubbornly plowed ahead with the massive yearly tome. In addition, they built a huge, expensive retail presence in the emerging mall phenomenon, a trend which has since evaporated. This has left them with little mail-order (now internet) presence and a bunch of noncompetitive white elephants at now-empty malls. The entire corporation could function as single, well-oiled machine and it would still fail at this point.

Comment Re:Does it account for greedy homeowners? (Score 1) 109

They wouldn't dare - I know where their babies are. Most of them are speeding to a local daycare center to pick up their little snowflakes before the 6 o'clock deadline. Another idea I had was to take pictures of the speeders' kids and make big cardboard cutouts of their kids to place in the middle of the street.

Comment Re:Does it account for greedy homeowners? (Score 1) 109

Ah, the great state of PA, where the state owns many of the local roads so the township can't improve them. Where the cops can't use radar. Where 80% of the traffic ticket proceeds go to the state...

I've wondered about the legality of putting a license plate reader on a camera on my house and Facebook shaming people. Probably a bad idea.

Comment Re: Information wants to be free (Score 1) 53

I can think of better ways to "showcase" my divorce paperwork. YouTube can be used for private videos, too, but the public default does not seem to rankle. It seems like this site was trying to be the "YouTube of documents". It wouldn't surprise me if that's how it got pitched. Anyway, I hope you take a stop over to docs.com and see how grossly unsuited it is to tasks requiring security or discretion. I think this may rank up there with "do not insert into any orifice" labels on curling irons.

Comment Exactly that (Score 5, Insightful) 306

I'm out of mod points or I'd mod you up.

My two cents - we have an open office plan where I work. So I like to stay after hours and work. Why? Because the lights are off, I don't have to listen to people milling around me all the time having conversations about the weather or last Sunday's game. Just me and the work I have to do. No distractions. It's blissful.

I can get more done in 2 hours like that than the previous 8.

Comment Re:Isn't the cloud great? (Score 4, Insightful) 53

Because sometimes it's just sort of "fuck it". You can stress over every move you make online, or you can take reasonable precautions and risk recovering from something like identity theft later on. One of those reasonable precautions should probably be using something reputable and purpose-built like Dropbox or Drive rather than something that proclaims on the front page "Showcase and discover Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway, Minecraft world and PDF documents for free". Don't use a showcase site for your private files...

Along the lines of "fuck it", I regularly put my tax documents in Dropbox during tax season. It's reasonably safe, I think, compared to putting them in my pocket in an easily-lost USB stick or on a frequently-stolen laptop. It's not like the physical world is completely safe, either, and Dropbox and Google are going to be better at IT than I am.

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