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Submission + - An In-Depth Analysis of the School Spying Case (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "Stryde Hax has a great analysis of the school webcam spying case. They looked up the some of the staff at Lower Merion and found interesting presentations they had given about the webcams and their capabilities. They also found many comments from students involved in the case. To make a long story short, the school looks really shady for being so secretive about the spying, there was a rule against disabling the cameras, and we find that there were a few students smart enough to protect themselves by blocking the cameras with tape--those who once considered them 'paranoid' have come around."

Comment Re:nuclear fusion anyone? (Score 2, Interesting) 710

There are tons of reasons why "fuel based technologies", which is really an odd statement as even most of renewable energy sources are fuel based on some level, primary among them is we still have a fairly large shortfall between the world energy demands and its energy producing capacity. A situation that will only get worse as we increase our capacity for creating energy ironically enough. It would be irresponsible to not work the problem from every angle possible. This means working on solar, wind, nuclear fission and fusion, and even better fossil fuel facilities, for now. As well as on working on increasing our efficiency in consuming and delivering energy.

Neither side of the great energy debate wants to hear it, but we are decades away, at best, from a real solution to the problem. And attacking the solutions you don't like don't gain anyone a thing. If you think one solution is the best one then do what you can to support it. Technology wars are won by one side winning via whatever merits, not attacking opposing technologies.

Comment Re:Third world (Score 4, Insightful) 374

A very noble thought indeed, but unfortunately not liking war isn't the same as not understanding there are times for it, and preparing yourself for other countries which may not believe the same way.

Additionally, you have to remember that as far as our country's military leaders are concerned the people who choose to enlist in our military are more important than those who they may have to fight against.

It's funny.  Laugh.

The DIY Tank 334

Will Foster, a Kettering University student, has built his own half sized Panzer tank. It took Will 2 years and around $10,000 to build his mini-tank and he says the process has been "a lot of trial and error...I'd buy a $200 part that didn't work, then go to a $300 part that didn't work before finding a $50 part that did." The tank is about as big as a small car, and can reach speeds of around 20 mph with its three-cylinder diesel engine. It runs on treads, has a cannon powered by compressed air from a scuba tank and parks wherever the hell it wants.
The Internet

Submission + - Sun's Goal: No In-House Data Centers by 2015 (

1sockchuck writes: "Sun Microsystems wants to cut its IT department's data center footprint in half within five years, and then eliminate in-house data centers completely shortly afterward. "Our goal is to reduce our entire data center presence by 2015," writes Sun data center architect Brian Cinque, who says Sun hopes to shift its in-house IT to a software as a service model. Sun will use virtualization and consolidation to reduce its data center space and energy usage by 50 percent by 2013, with a goal of moving it all online two years later. Sun's roadmap reflects the shift to utility computing discussed in Nicholas Carr's new book, which has been keenly debated this week."

Submission + - Surprising grassroots opposition to OOXML growing (

christian.einfeldt writes: "One might think that something as arcane as a data format standard would not generate international outcry, but more than 76,505 people in 45 languages have signed a petition to oppose Microsoft's bid to gain ISO status for its OOXML format, and the rate of new users is accelerating. The ISO vote on OOXML as a standard is coming on February 25-29, and all parties agree that the stakes are high. In September 2007, Doug Mahugh, Microsoft's Open XML evangelist, called ISO status the 'Gold Standard' and said that it was in Microsoft's commercial interest to expedite approval of OOXML as an ISO standard, and, in its haste, actually lost one country when Sweden withdrew its vote for OOXML due to admitted irregularities in the vote, and saw controversy in the votes of New Zealand and Hungary as well."

Submission + - Spammers Use Page Out of Slashdot Troll's Playbook ( 1

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "According to F-Secure, spammers are now using the Google luck search redirect trick to mask their spam URLs, just like Slashdot trolls do. The trick is to find some search for which you're the top result on Google, then craft a link to a Google search using the bntI parameter to convince Google that you just clicked "I'm feeling lucky" button. Thus, you end up being redirected to MyGoatseCity or a spammed viagra site, rather than seeing a Google search or whatever you were expecting. The only good news is that it's pretty easy to filter out emails containing the spam links with a simple regex like http:\/\/(\S*)google\.([^\\]+)\/search\?\S*\&bntI if you know how."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - iPhone Unlocked via Software

54mc writes: "In the latest in a series of iPhone unlocking stories, CNN reports that a group of anonymous hackers have successfully unlocked the iPhone via software. From the story: " 'It's completely software hacked,' Schulte said. 'There's no case opening required. It's not required to do any kind of disassembly.' It took Schulte about two minutes to unlock the iPhone." Could this be the beginning of the end of AT&T's monopoly on the so-called JesusPhone?"

Submission + - AMD R6xx Image Quality Analyzed (

Steve Kerrison writes: "The most recent graphics chips to come off of AMD and Nvidia's production lines have added performance boosts and support for DirectX 10. But what about image quality? Beyond3D looks at the image quality features of the R6xx family of GPUs, where AMD has been adding a few tricks:

What follows is our look at AMD R6-series image quality as it stands, and it's one that focuses on the AA down-filter more than anything else. It's where AMD have changed the game the most, introducing forward-looking custom filters...


Journal Journal: Intro and other such thoughts

So in all honesty I don't post a lot on slashdot, though I am sure that wouldn't be hard to see by looking at my profile or anything.

I have been browsing slashdot for a long time, and registered a while ago. And I just thought it would be good if I started becoming a bit more active in the community itself. Will take time, and I will definately never be one of the people who makes dozens of posts per day.

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