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Submission + - Cisco purchasing Sourcefire

mu51c10rd writes: According to this, Cisco is purchasing Sourcefire for 2.7 Billion dollars. It remains to be seen what their plans are for popular open source products such as Snort and ClamAV. Forks anyone?

Submission + - Nurse Chapel has passed away

mu51c10rd writes: A piece of Trek history has quietly passed away. Majel Barrett Roddenberry of Star Trek fame passed away on December 18th. She carried various roles from Number One in the TOS pilot episode, to Nurse Chapel, Deanna Troi's mother, to all the ship computer voices up to the soon-to-be-released movie. She will be missed. The article on her passing is here.

Submission + - SCO chooses to lose their Unix business

mu51c10rd writes: SCO has chosen to try to opt out of the Unix business by selling it to York Capital Management. There is an article at Computerworld detailing their decision. Perhaps SCO has finally thrown in the towel and we won't be subjected to more SCO news?

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