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Comment Re: Opposite (Score 1) 546

That's ok...I'm saving enough that worst case would have me working parttime as a Home Depot greeter to supplement the savings. I fully realize as a GenXer that I will not be working in technology when I'm in my 60s., 70s and beyond...therefore, I need to be financially secure enough by then to be able to be fine on a low wage, stress free job.

Comment Re:"IT" is on its way out (Score 5, Insightful) 272

Traditional IT roles are not being automated out of existence. For one, any company providing a "cloud" need server guys, network guys, hardware techs, and so on. Two, many small/midsize businesses don't have the cash flow to support what cloud providers are charging and prefer to keep infrastructure as a capital expense. Over the decades I've noticed that IT changes, but never goes away.

Comment Not surprising (Score 1) 219

I realize that most Slashdotters are probably not sports junkies...but where did people think all this new TV revenue coming into professional and college sports was coming from? Sports is really what is driving the rising prices. Once sports leagues make realtime streaming deals, the days of traditional cable/satellite TV are numbered.

Comment Re:So long, Netflix, it was good while it lasted (Score 1) 187

It is noticeable as well. For last few months, I've found that I watch far more Hulu and Amazon than Netflix. Why? I don't care for the original content they are focusing on it. I just want to binge watch old TV series I like, or rewatch older movies. Netflix has been dropping those consistently, while Hulu and amazon are picking up the contracts Netflix drops. Same with kids kids have been steadily losing their shows on Netflix, and have started watching Hulu as well. If this keeps up, I will probably drop my subscription soon.

Comment Pebble (Score 3, Informative) 117

Meanwhile, Pebble looks to be doing just fine with their smartwatches. However, they use color e-ink (better battery life), are much cheaper, and don't need a new line of service activated. They connect to the internet via Bluetooth on your phone. Perhaps the other manufacturers should strip their watches down and focus on what consumers would want: a durable watch, with battery life past a day or two, and doesn't cost extra with phone service.

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