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Journal Journal: Mozilla Firefox SlashDot Weirdness

Since updating to Mozilla Firefox 0.8 from Firebird 0.7 on both my work and home machines (both running Gentoo, Kernel 2.6, KDE 3.2) I've noticed one slight weirdness with Firefox and Slashdot.

I'm lazy so like to login to SlashDot using the "bookmark this link" method. Despite deleting the saved bookmark and making a new one several times, I can no longer login using this method - at work, or at home.

Damn... I just checked in Konqueror and Opera with the link I'd saved, and it doesn't work either. Maybe SlashDot stopped supporting that login method? Maybe Firefox corrupted the URL I'd got saved? I dunno... anyway, I'm a bit baffled by it at the moment, although it's no great inconvenience.

I'll investigate it more when I can be bothered to - just wondered if anyone else had experienced this?


Journal Journal: I'm a Karma Whore

Yep, as I was the first to come across this story linking to an NYT article, I thought I'd see what happened if I posted the text of the article for those not wanting to sign up for the NYT.

So, I Googled for "nytimes login pass" (hell, I don't want to sign up either!) and borrowed a login and pass, and got down to some blatant Karma Whoring action with this posting.

End result: I get modded +5 Informative, but end up annoying a few people in the process (I think). I don't think I'll bother again - the guys posting the subscription-free link have got the right idea, but I hadn't seen that done before. (I guess I just never bother to RTFA anyway!)

So... experimenting on Slashdot... interesting, but next time I'm not bothering.

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