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Comment Synapses shrink during sleep (Score 1) 145

Scientific American had an article on sleep last year which favored the garbage removal theory.

Yet more evidence for this theory:

As someone who's done plenty of sleep deprivation and polyphasic sleeping, I'm about pretty sure I can actually feel the garbage being removed. It mostly happens in the first 60-90 mins of sleep. If one is woken between 30 mins and 60 mins, one's mind tends to be missing several functions. ;)

Comment When do we learn discernment about propaganda? (Score 1) 261

A lot of what we hear during elections is propaganda. We could guess that defences against it increase throughout life until senility. 16 years olds in particular still tend to live in the small cults that are nuclear families and thus lack an independence of thought. I wasn't qualified to vote until I was 30, and that's a level unachieved by a lot of people I know.

On the other hand, 0-17 year olds are completely unrepresented, yet have longer to live in the world. There's no solution to that, so there's a compromise between representation vs political understanding.

Male adolescents develop emotional maturity much slower than females. If this affects political judgement, then it's rational to allow women to vote at a lower age. I doubt this will be a popular view amongst the oft-male and sometimes alt-right Slashdotters.

Studies show that 16-17 year olds vote more than 18-25 year olds. Likelihood of voting increases from 18 onwards, causing yet more disparate representation -- a problem of all voting systems. Intergenerational differences increasingly come into play. People 60 and over become a minority in the adult world and seemingly retreat from social consciousness or other newer ideas. However, they vote more.

The study doesn't mention lowering the voting age at all, by the way.

Comment Re:Or people are just under/wrongly medicated. (Score 1) 432

The people being treated with antidepressants are mostly suffering from clinical depression, which is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

That's just a myth invented by drug companies to sell more drugs.

Long ago it was believed that schizophrenia was caused by "bad parenting" (cold domineering mothers and psychologically detached fathers). That has been utterly debunked.

Actually, you're wrong here too. It simply became unpopular.

The cause is mostly determined by genetics and prenatal nutrition.

Strike 3. Cause remains unknown.

We know it's not genetics because kids put up for adoption by schizophrenic parents are no more likely to have schizophrenia than the average person.

Comment Re:Or people are just under/wrongly medicated. (Score 1) 432

This shows again a COMPLETE lack of understanding mental health.

Not a clever thing to say when your "understanding" is limited to a myth invented to sell drugs:

Drugs are used to mitigate a lack of certain neurochemicals in the brain, a PHYSICAL condition.

A myth for which there is literally zero evidence.

Comment Re: Duh. (Score 1) 432

Kind of hard to dig deeper if the person is overwhelmed by the symptoms. If someone wants to kill themselves today, you don't want to risk taking 3 months of therapy to try to get to the bottom of their problems.

If it takes you 3 months, go find a job you don't suck at. It never takes me more than an hour.

Also, finding the cause doesn't necessarily fix everything.

Yes. You actually need to treat the cause and your average therapist doesn't know much about that.

Comment Re:What could you possibly have against them? (Score 1) 415

Credible people tend to establish their credibility over time. Journalists establish journalistic credibility and factcheckers establish factchecking credibility.

Journalists have to sex-up the facts -- turn them into a story. Nevertheless, in my opinion, some journalists are very accurate except when it comes to politics...

Factcheckers do nothing other than check facts. Even journalistic embellishment is frowned upon.

In the UK, factcheckers have a great reputation: Full Fact, Channel 4 and the BBC to some degree. In the US, some fake one were set up. :/

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