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Comment Re:Doxing (Score 1) 899

"Literal Nazis"? I wasn't aware George Soros was actually in the government? I can't even think of anyone in Trump's group old enough to have been a Hitler Youth, let alone actively involved with the party back then. Was there someone there alongside Soros inventorying the possessions of Jewish households to make sure they all got confiscated properly?

The government's taking "extreme action"? Who's been shot? "with total disregard for the law"? Really? That's difficult to do by executive order - possible, I guess, but seems unlikely.

All I hear is "ZOMG, someone who disagrees with me is in power! The world is literally ending!". The right was just as worried about Obama, but you didn't see us randomly attacking Obama supporters on the street.

Well then, maybe they weren't as concerned. You had your chance to protest and choose not to. Don't be a polly pissy pants just because you didn't join your tea party friends when you had the chance.

Comment Re:Google News (Score 1) 437

That is funny, because, in my phone's google now feed (and I am a moderate) has been a 3 to 1 conservative poppycock to real news stories. Maybe in the non-personalized versions, but I have blocked some conservitive news sights, and now it's filled with breitbart, rt, and crazy sites like "Center for Research on Globalization"

Comment Re:Another way to get people to buy new phones (Score 2) 204

What do you think connects to your "logic" (CPU) to your HDD/SSD Ram, video controller, keyboard, mouse etc. It is the motherboard because all the daughters plug back into the main board/motherboard/back-plane. Logic board would hold true if the only thing on the board was the CPU and it plugged into a back-plane or motherboard. SOC sit on a motherboard, not a logic board, there is way more than logic on it. So you are less correct when you say that.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 204

Well there is a difference between a short sighted cost saving manufacturing process, and a flawed design. Samsung already fixed their problem though changing the supplier of batteries. And, more notably or nobly, they issued a recall for all their note line, although, so far 45 phones have the flaw. Apple says there is no problem, it's user error, and did nothing to fix a problem that was easily documented at the time. So much so, that you could watch multiple youtube videos that showed a lack of structural integrity when compared to other contemporary flagship phones (HTC one M7, Samsung Galaxy, and Motorola G5?) . Anecdotally, my buddy (who treats his electronics very respectfully, and in a case) had this exact issue. He got the banana phone, and it died from being a banana phone. He has the 6S because that was his only option, to roll his next plan because the damage isn't covered under warranty.

Comment Re:Different from the Social Security benefits? (Score 2) 630

I was thinking the exact same thing... If people made enough money to survive, but not live well, but survive. Then employers could pay WAY less to their employees, because their work would only be for the "extras" now, there would also be a flip side to that, that people probably would never work at McDonalds or Walmart again, but you never know.

Comment Re:The Poor are Poor for a reason... (Score 4, Informative) 630

Please, Honest days work for an honest days pay and you might have a point. But the fact is the leading employer in the united states in Walmart, 50 years ago it was General Motors. One job paid a living wage where everyone made a decent living and you didn't second guess that the degenerate on the corner was a lazy degenerate. Now, the top employer forces you to pull government subsidies to survive. I understand that some people have an iron will and can become a millionaire making $20,000 a year. but that is the execption, not the rule. Most studies have conculded that $74000/year is required to comfortably live in america, and still have money for savings and a vacation. The median household income is $50,000(ish) That is the problem. Our wages have hardly doubled since the 70's yet the cost of living has almost quintupled.

Comment Re:Won't work in America (Score 1) 630

No, you just need money for the food that you would eat together, the cable/netflix you would watch, the money for the theater, or sporting event. The gas to get there, and all the little shit along the way. Unless you expect the poor person to be the moocher of the group. You know because social interactions don't just include standing in the front yard going "Yup"

Comment Re:So the tax returns aren't public? (Score 1) 231

Regardless of what the reference was, a guy who was a crook stated that he wasn't. That will go down in history with "Read My Lips, No New Taxes!" , "I did not have sexual relationships with that woman", the Howard Dean's career ending "YEAHHHHHH!" and W's "I'm the decider!" (among others)

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