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Comment Re:what a wonderful program (Score 0) 565

First of all Bigot as defined by MW: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

Conservitives always throw up a black candidate, but they never make it anywhere.
As far as trump, it has been an issue actually. He has a long list of discrimination complaints from his workers. As to your third point, I just guess it's delivery and timing.

The conservative line always has an excuse for it's behavior. They re-write history, and white wash all the parts they don't like. Just speaking from experience, and I have only been around for 35 years. I have only seen prosperity out of a democratic president, and loss under a republican. My main issue with republicans is "Bullshit mountain" as John Stewart put it.
We keep getting told things from the republican party that once checked out, fall to nothing.
They have used human sexuality as a way to fire up their base. They give little regard to others. For every one "Crooked Hillary" story, I can find 10 "crooked trump" stories. The only difference is, no one will listen, and give trump the benefit of the doubt, even when the evidence is stacked against him. Yet, Hillary has been found guilt free in all things thrown at her, and she can't win for losing. (I am not a fan of Hillary, but I would rather have oatmeal for the next four years than an atomic bomb)
If the Repubs put in a real candidate, I would consider them (ahem kasich) But it isn't the Liberals that are passing "Religous freedom to discriminate" acts. They aren't the ones that are passing bathroom laws to hide screwing their working poor with minimum wage caps. Try as you must to push all this on the liberals, but it is the conservatives that are fighting the winds of change.

Comment Re:No conspiracy--this would hurt companies. (Score 1) 309

This seems a bit off, I think you are close, but Microsoft would have to help to get all your data. They could force the issue and make them get a warrant, but, you know, we are all friends here...

Anyways, It is my understanding that it works like this, and correct me if I am wrong.

So I post something on Facebook, and mark it private, there is no legal obligation for privacy outside of what was layed out in the EULA. If your account gets hacked and someone shares your personal information for their gain, you have no recourse. It wasn't your data anymore, it was Facebook's. Also, If Johnny Law wanted to see your posting records, again that isn't your information anymore, you gave that information to Facebook. So Facebook can give whatever information they want to whomever they want, you clicked yes on the EULA, and it said they would help law officials with criminal cases.


Even if they spoof/expolit your machine and pull all the data off of it, third party wouldn't apply yet. They would then have to request the data from Microsoft also to prove it had been shared to the third party in the first place, thus making it "public domain" so-to-speak. This ruling however seems to mitigate that need.

Comment Welcome to the Windows 10 experience (Score 2) 339

Sure, you can't just make everyone install a browser, but you can have a forced windows update that puts this right into the kernel. They already do it with a "punk-buster"esque anti-cheat engine and for DRM, why not add anti-piracy? Sure it won't stop the hardcore 'nix folks, but it will stop little jimmy from not paying for his music and entertainment.

Comment Re: Apparently he can change his family tree! (Score 1) 390

Fair enough, Down Syndrome was probably a bad choice. So, let's change it to Autism, or Bipolar disorder, or acromegaly, or blindness. The point still stands, there are people who suffer from different levels of functioning below "perfectly 'normal' and healthy" Brain functioning, and hormones have way more to do with who you are then what you tell yourself you are.

here is another lame example, in my younger years, I went out drinking with some friends. One of my friends fell down a few steps because he was intoxicated. His immediate response was "I meant to do that" Clearly, he didn't, but his brain was still pushing the idea he was in complete control of the situation. I am pretty sure that our brain does its best to make sense of a situation, it acts as if it is control, when really, it is just logging errors.

I need to lose weight, my nephew needs to gain weight. Skinny people like to say "hey have some self control" to us fatty. The reality is, my nephew eats till he is full, as do I. He doesn't get enough calories, and I get too many. Our brains are wired different, the more studies done the more it proves it. I have seen many many fatties loose tens if not hundreds of pounds, just to gain it all back a few years later. When your brain is calibrated a way, it is hard, if not impossible, to change it.

That being said, unless someone was born inter sexed or had some other sexual amorality, I think reassignment surgery should wait till after puberty. Until your sexual organs mature, you don't really know how you will end up. An imbalance of estrogen at 5 could clear itself up by 18.

Comment Re: Apparently he can change his family tree! (Score 4, Interesting) 390

Here is the problem with that argument. My mother and father adopted me because they couldn't have kids. As far as I know they are a straight hetro couple. According to you, my mother isn't a woman, according to her birth certificate she is.

I have trans friends, I don't fully understand it, but I don't fully understand most things. They say that your physical sex is developed before your brain "sexes" There are different chemicals that regulate gender (estrogen and testosterone to start with)

My argument is this: If you can say that mental retardation is a real thing, then there must be differing degrees of change. Unless every down-syndrome kid is making it up, then you have to admit that the brain effects how you act and perceive the world. So, on the far end of the spectrum, you have DS, where do you draw the line between "born that way" and "just making it up for attention". Do doctors try to cure down syndrome, or do they teach the family how to cope with the different. I know there will be people who disagree with comparing the LGBTQ population with someone with down-syndrome. I don't, Reproduction is a part of the biological process. If you are not attracted to the opposite sex, then that is a disability in the mating process. That doesn't mean we need to find a cure, not everyone needs to produce offspring.

Next, lets look at the inter-sexed. There are people with both or neither fully developed sex organs. So there is proof that gender identity can be muddy from birth. Again, like the down syndrome argument,where do you draw the line? This person has a male sex organ, however, his brain doesn't produce enough testosterone for him to even go though the puberty. Is that a male or a female? So you have a guy with junk that doesn't work, and a high pitched voice, why not let him chop the broken shit off, get some fake tits, and at least conform to one norm in public. I mean, the only person who should know whats between your legs is the person, or people, serving it.

Comment Re:Maybe increase the product longevity (Score 1) 301

My best friend bought a pro, traded in his air, which I thought was a bit ridiculous, the size alone is enough for me to say no. However, the speakers on that thing sound like an old television (in a good way) You can clearly hear video dialog from across the room. I mean like, "there is no reason to turn it up past 80%" loud. I miss the front facing speakers on my HTC One M7 (the best phone ever made, ever If they just fixed the camera) However, I may look at the new 9.7" iPad just for the improved audio.

Comment Meh (Score 1) 60

Who wants a point and click app, when you can have a textual conversation in Facebook messenger. I mean, it is so much quicker to type out a block of text and hope a bot can figure out what I am saying than it is to click an icon. WTF. The only way something like this could work, is if "OK Google" and Siri could take direct commands like "OK Google, I need to book a flight to CLE from STL tommorow on United Airlines" But Again, I would bet that Google and Apple are working on their own concoction for that as we speak.

Comment Re: from the not-so-bright department (Score 2) 318

I had a friend who works as a boilermaker. As far as inside the plant, the security is well beyond average. Everyone who was working had to be accountable for even the path they walked within the building, they were given one path, if they deviated at all, security was there to usher them to the correct area. The whole place is well monitored. I would bet that security was laughing as they watched the dumb-ass get sucked in.

Comment Re:Form Factor not "Format" (Score 1) 202

I am an enterprise storage engineer so I am getting a kick.... Seriously though. SSD's even by the big manufaturers are considered a consumable part. They are not covered under any warranty. SSD is great as said earlier for fast read-write applications. What you do on a laptop is absoulutely nothing compared to what is done to a data array with a transnational database on it, like for an ATM network, or search engine. SSDs will always be fast, but they are not as reliable as a 600GB 15k drive, or even a 2TB SAS drive. Facebook, actually stores deep storage to an optical library that pulls up years old pictures only under request. for mid legnth storage, Spindles still rule the roost. As for form factor, I don't see any reason for it to change. they all use the same technology as a standard pc.

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