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Comment Re:So the tax returns aren't public? (Score 1) 231

Regardless of what the reference was, a guy who was a crook stated that he wasn't. That will go down in history with "Read My Lips, No New Taxes!" , "I did not have sexual relationships with that woman", the Howard Dean's career ending "YEAHHHHHH!" and W's "I'm the decider!" (among others)

Comment Re:Stop putting LEDs on everything. (Score 1) 230

Well, what if your TV's screen wasn't coming on, how would you know it wasn't a power issue. Also, again, It has to indicate that it is on and consuming energy. Which again, you would know if the TV was on, but assume off was off. The Red LED means the TV is still running like a task bar icon.

Comment Re: stay away from tech at night (Score 1) 230

Well in the Old CRT monitors, you would have a point. There was an electron beam that lit up one line at a time, then it would scan the screen at 60 or so hertz. With LCD/LED tech, it is a refresh rate. So, you are staring at a back-light that is constant. Pixels only change when they are send different information. So there is no real "flicker" so to speak. The back light has capacitors to keep the light constant.

Comment Re:what a wonderful program (Score 0) 565

First of all Bigot as defined by MW: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

Conservitives always throw up a black candidate, but they never make it anywhere.
As far as trump, it has been an issue actually. He has a long list of discrimination complaints from his workers. As to your third point, I just guess it's delivery and timing.

The conservative line always has an excuse for it's behavior. They re-write history, and white wash all the parts they don't like. Just speaking from experience, and I have only been around for 35 years. I have only seen prosperity out of a democratic president, and loss under a republican. My main issue with republicans is "Bullshit mountain" as John Stewart put it.
We keep getting told things from the republican party that once checked out, fall to nothing.
They have used human sexuality as a way to fire up their base. They give little regard to others. For every one "Crooked Hillary" story, I can find 10 "crooked trump" stories. The only difference is, no one will listen, and give trump the benefit of the doubt, even when the evidence is stacked against him. Yet, Hillary has been found guilt free in all things thrown at her, and she can't win for losing. (I am not a fan of Hillary, but I would rather have oatmeal for the next four years than an atomic bomb)
If the Repubs put in a real candidate, I would consider them (ahem kasich) But it isn't the Liberals that are passing "Religous freedom to discriminate" acts. They aren't the ones that are passing bathroom laws to hide screwing their working poor with minimum wage caps. Try as you must to push all this on the liberals, but it is the conservatives that are fighting the winds of change.

Comment Re:No conspiracy--this would hurt companies. (Score 1) 309

This seems a bit off, I think you are close, but Microsoft would have to help to get all your data. They could force the issue and make them get a warrant, but, you know, we are all friends here...

Anyways, It is my understanding that it works like this, and correct me if I am wrong.

So I post something on Facebook, and mark it private, there is no legal obligation for privacy outside of what was layed out in the EULA. If your account gets hacked and someone shares your personal information for their gain, you have no recourse. It wasn't your data anymore, it was Facebook's. Also, If Johnny Law wanted to see your posting records, again that isn't your information anymore, you gave that information to Facebook. So Facebook can give whatever information they want to whomever they want, you clicked yes on the EULA, and it said they would help law officials with criminal cases.


Even if they spoof/expolit your machine and pull all the data off of it, third party wouldn't apply yet. They would then have to request the data from Microsoft also to prove it had been shared to the third party in the first place, thus making it "public domain" so-to-speak. This ruling however seems to mitigate that need.

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