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Submission + - Exotic Testicle-Biting Fish Mysteriously Found In Scandinavian Waters (ibtimes.com)

Rebecka writes: Scandinavian residents were recently warned of a potentially dangerous fish lurking in their waters. According to a report from CNN, an exotic breed known as the Pacu was dumped into a strait, a mysterious find experts are blaming on inexperienced fish owners.

The native South American fish, also known as “ball cutter,” earned the moniker for its frequent attacks on men, particularly in their testicular region. According to experts at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, the fish, a “friendly” relative of the Piranha, was first discovered in the Danish/Swedish strait of Oresund by a fisherman. Due to the fish’s dangerous nature, including its powerful jaw, ability to severe fingers and predisposition to chomp down on male organs due to its similar appearance to nuts, male skinny-dippers are being warned of possible attacks.

Submission + - Looking for a good holster. (techslinger.com) 2

gurps_npc writes: I have seen several technology holsters. There are a lot of good ones for cell phones, but I am looking for something larger — for a tablet (Nook/Kindle/Nexus/Ipad).

There is however a direct trade off between discrete and carrying capacity. Anyone found an ideal balance?

I would love to hear from people with direct experience. Do you look like the worst kind of geek hipster wearing it? Any feature I should look for?

I found one from a company called techslinger, but it looks a bit too geeky for me, (double sided makes it really stand out).

Comment Re:A Bigger Problem Was Incarna (Score 1) 106

It's definitely worth noting that micro-transactions were only a lightning rod issue- there are ships that are worth 3500$ flying on the server. Although 68 dollars for a clothing item is hardly considered a micro-transaction.

The missing spin-ship 'feature' was noticed so severely because spinning the camera around your ship in a station was the only thing you could do when you did not want to lose a ship that cost so much in real-life money or in game time to replace. Ships you could afford to lose are worth little in a real fight besides preventing bigger enemy ships from warping out before the big ships on your side can lock on. In those cases your "tackler" frigate blows up, and you still lose these somewhat expensive cybernetic implants that increase how fast you learn skills. Overall- the cost per death is unbelievably high for a game.

The biggest reason why EvE has never caught on with a larger population is the spec's required to *really* play are downright exclusionary. It's almost not worth mentioning that most players in the game play with the lowest possible settings for larger battles, and zoom out during those battles so that all that's visible are the UI targeting brackets on the ships. fly in anything less than a capital ship, and you can't zoom out enough to hide the ship models.

Having not played the game since Incursions,which were a failure in released format, it seems that more players are catching onto the polished turd that EvE is.

Comment Re:Obvious Choice (Score 1) 508

Exactly. Because it costs 10 thousand dollars per pound (.45KG) to launch an object into space it's the biggest hurdle in the exploration of space.
Privatization has been seen as the solution to this but all they have done is reduced the launch capabilities and size of the craft. (IE 50 pound micro satellites)

We need to focus more on researching non chemical propulsion. if we reduce the cost of transport, maybe to the point that size of an object is less an issue as well- that would be a beautiful day.

Comment Cut the cord's (Score 1) 502

Cut out the TV. The dam thing isn't a mind control device but it doesn't exactly help you to think on your own two feet.

I watch maybe 20 minutes of BBC on NPR and that's it..

Also- think about swapping your WoW habit with some self study. I'm currently practicing [sic leveling] Japanese.

nihongo ga wakari masu ka? (wth slashdot for no unicode support...)

Comment Suggestions (Score 1) 1

1. Falsify your place of residence on web form to create an account.
2. Proceed to access a service that you otherwise couldn't of used had you not fraudulently claimed your friends residence as your own.
3. Attempt to sell products using said service.
4. Whine when the service doesn't except your foreign bank's routing code.


5. ???
6. !profit...

step 5. sell said account to friend who can put in his account info for 188.18 dollars...
step 6. profit.

You may of:

1. developed and fine tuned your applications while waiting for your location to be eligable to sell apps
2. created an account once france was handled by google checkout.
3. sell your apps for a cost most wouldn't think twice about before clicking buy now.
4. ???
5. profit!

Submission + - How to get my money from Google? (cosmic-bandito.com) 1

sammyF70 writes: As a not-particularly Google Android developer, watching my sales raise very slowly hasn't been fun. But even less fun has been the complete failure to actually receive any money from the sales (no ads, and one single page;). So I ask you, fellow /.'ers, what can I do to get Google to send me my money, but still keep on selling my existing apps (which isn't realistic if I have to retrieve the money through a third person) ?

Comment Re:More nanny State bullshit. (Score 2, Insightful) 461

Considering 2160p TV's will have been shipping for 4 years by 2020 and will require 4x the bandwidth needed for 1080p (about 45megabits at 24fps). Considering 2160p may not even be the highest possible specs for viewing in 10 years (see 4320p and 9334p) 100mbits may likely not even end up being enough by 2020.

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