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Comment Re:Media made candidate Trump .. (Score 4, Insightful) 132

Oh, please. Trump has been playing to the media since day one. Every time the media has finished one cycle Trump comes out with some new outrage and the spotlight is upon him once more. That worked fine for the primaries where Trump's intentional outrageousness played to the Alt-Right and then the Republican base.

Trump got more media coverage the all of the other Republican candidates combined. He wanted it that way. Now that it is general election time that outrageousness doesn't play as well to the Dems or Indies.

As far as the lewd remarks on that one video tape, he could have honestly apologized and let it go. We'd have mostly forgotten it already. He had to try and tell us he never did that kind of thing, though to too many people know better, he made sexual misconduct the story by trying to tell us Billy was worse.

We call this being hoisted by one's own petard.

Comment Re:OMFH!!! (Score 1) 294

Yeah but you can make your own romantic comedy, locked room murder, etc. all day long as long you are not copying someone else's work verbatim, or closely paraphrasing. You can even make your own mouse based cartoons so long as you don't copy Mickey too closely.

With software patents gone crazy like they have where every little method or data structure being patented we've come to the point where you almost can't code anything without being sued these days.

I only hope that the software patent is finally done away with sooner rather than later.

Comment Re: inb4 (Score 1) 254

4chan isn't all horrible, they've got some pretty good stolen porn. However, 4chan is apparently the home turf of the "alt-right". There are certain forums where the skinheads, KKK, neo-nazis and what-have-you meet to plot their shenanigans. I hear their most recent effort was stuff the ballot boxes of all the online polls about the presidential debate. Goold old Trump new all about it and was able to claim he won all the polls so he must have won the debate.

Comment Frickin Amazing... (Score 1) 90

That BB management has taken 7 or 8 years to figure out what seemingly everyone else has known for years. The release of iPhone started it but once Android took off BB was done. All that money wasted developing new BB phones and then even a BB Android phone. Hubris I guess. Microsoft didn't get it either when they went and bought the Sidekick and then Nokia.

Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 0) 515

Billions of people use processors that run only Machine Language programs that load from the reset vector. Mice, graphics card, the controller chips inside hard drives, etc. There's even a 'multiplier effect' because every Linux computer in operation has a handful of these processors inside it. So the Machine Language 'Operating System' is 20-500 times more popular than any PC operating system, and thousands to hundreds of thousands of times more popular than Linux.

This popularity measure is based on the same notion as the one that asumes that every device out there that runs a Linux kernel is 'linux.' I.e. every Android device, every Tivo, etc.

Yeah, no. Machine Language != Operating System.

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