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Comment I'm pissed with them right now (Score 1) 1

Ordered a long-throw stapler and staples 2 weeks ago. The stapler came last week, staples today. The box was open at both ends, staples spilled out into the bag, box crushed and staples broken.

They won't let me return them. I'd be REALLY pissed if it wasn't just a couple of bucks.

Comment Re:Accessibility options (Score 1) 321

But the people who became web designers were formerly page layout designers. They revolted. They were used to printed paper, where they controlled everything the reader saw - fonts, font sizes, text wrap around photos, columns, etc. Their ego couldn't stand ceding some of that control to the reader, so they fought tooth and nail to bring that control back to themselves. The early flash-only websites were their first salvo. Everyone hated flash sites, but they loved them because it would display exactly and only as they designed it

Making a complex website with rich content not look shit was fucking difficult back in the day. Functional and accessible, sure, but not glossy magazine professional polish.

Reducing the problem domain so that you don't have to be all things to all devices meant that a good aesthetic could be achieved far more easily. It may never fully exploit the awesome screen some users had, for others it may load as fast as a one-legged dog running through a swamp and someone browsing on a C64 may get RSI from the scrolling but it'll look the same for all of them.

Personally I'm all for functionality, ease of use and loading fast, but I'm in the minority. People like prettiness.

Comment You broke it, you bought it (Score 1, Troll) 411

It's been part of the "conservative" orthodoxy for decades that corporations have First Amendment rights and money = speech. Remember, "Corporations are people, my friend"? It's unseemly for them to want to cry now because Democrats have done better under those rules.

I don't remember hearing anything from them when a top Trump donor (or Trump's son-in-law) used their newspaper to push pro-Trump stories, or when the Koch Brothers (and ALEC more broadly) were influencing elections from the national level down to local school boards.

Anytime they want to overturn Citizens United or pass a constitutional amendment asserting that only natural humans have guaranteed civil rights, I'll be glad to start taking them seriously.

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