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Comment Re: One less idiot on the road (Score 1) 564

You want stupid fixed and that is impossible.

No, he wants stupid to not be the promoted operating mode of a high speed electromechanical device containing humans.

E.g. a feature sold as 'autopilot' that crashes you into big fucking lorries at 74mph.

Its design is defective, its marketing is defective and the fuckwits blaming users are the most defective of all.

You don't have to fix stupid, just don't fucking guarantee its lethality.

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 564

Might as well ask if they'd like to lose their pilot's license. They're required by law (and ethics) to always be prepared to take control away from the Autopilot, in a fraction of a second.

So what is the purpose of autopilot then? Specifically, what is the purpose of autopilot when it doesn't prevent you from running broadside into a truck?

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