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Comment The kids are alright (Score 3, Funny) 78

Young people today are impressive. When I was a senior in college, I was turning milk bottles into bongs.

They were sweet bongs, though.

When I got to grad school, that all changed because I was suddenly surrounded by people smarter than me and I had to actually work. But those first seven years of college were a lot of fun.

Comment Re:Great. Why not six years ago? (Score 3, Insightful) 130

This problem ain't just on Trump and Republicans.

Now it is. They control all three branches of government and could stop warrantless searches tomorrow if they so decided.

And Trump is the very last person who will relinquish the kind of power that warrantless searches give him.

Comment Bug report (Score 4, Informative) 36

This was buried at the very end of the story:

During a second, unofficial demonstration of the HorseFly for UPS on Monday, some sort of interference – possibly from the broadcast reporters’ cameras - caused an issue with the drone’s compass. The drone aborted its launch, tried to land on top of the UPS truck, fell to the side and was nearly crushed by the still-closing lid of the vehicle.

“We’ve never seen it before,” said Burns, of the glitch.

Comment Re:Only a penny a page, duplex? (Score 1) 5

I'll be better able to figure it when the cartridge is empty. The savings come from not having to pay eight or ten bucks for copies that I'm proofreading.

They're already online as free e-books, HTML, and PDF, with printed copies available at a price.

Comment Cataracts and Suse (Score 1) 6

IIRC you're Canadian (if in the US you'll need insurance) and should be able to get CrystaLens implants for an extra $2,000. They cure nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and cataracts.

I ran Suse back in 2003 and liked it, but moved to Mandrake because my TV didn;t like it; I was using the TV as a monitor with an S-video cable. Still trying to find a distro that will run on an old Gateway laptop.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 5, Insightful) 332

They already had this. It's called citing your sources and peer review.

Unless you're the president, in which case you can just make up any old bullshit that sounds good, even about nonexistent terrorist attacks, the "historical" margin of your electoral victory or the size of your inauguration attendance. Just because it makes you and your supporters feel good, which is the most important thing.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 879

Hmm. Try that in the UK and you'll be getting sued for constructive dismissal the moment you tried "put on administrative leave without pay".

No, you fucking pay me right up until the moment you sack me, and you'd better have fucking good cause. Let alone "because some cunt made a complaint".

And yes, I've been accused of harassment before. For holding a door open for someone. Interestingly I mentioned this to a colleague and he said that at another company he'd had a formal grievance against him for exactly that too.

Zero pay because you held a door open for someone? Where the fuck do you work, and in what imaginary world do you ask a 'prosecutor' to investigate workplace harassment?

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 879

Well, a manager/staff relationship isn't about being ordered around for money. Managers that think that's the case need educating and the staff that think that's the case need help too.

This isn't child abuse, employees can quit.

Many things aren't child abuse, that doesn't make them acceptable in a work environment. You want to fuck me, that costs substantially more than my current salary and I'm not going to do it as an employee.

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