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Comment Re:Of Course It Is (Score 1) 765

Completely agreed. People will remember you. What you can do and get away with legally or even ethically is not always what's best for your future.

It's a bad idea to tell to your boss why you're quitting, and it's a bad idea to quit without giving your boss and coworkers notice so they can make plans to handle the mess you leave behind as easily as possible.

Likewise, employers should do what's best for word-of-mouth, too. They might have every legal right to terminate without notice, and they might even feel it's ethical to do so for various reasons, but ex-employees will talk, and current employees are paying attention too.

There are always exceptions, when quoting immediately or firing immediately is called for. Those situations should be obvious to everyone.

Comment Gay porn would be the least of their worries (Score 1) 388

The porn on the phone is going to be child porn. If I was dying of cancer at 13, I'd be using that to get girls in my class to send me naked picts, no question about it. Kids don't wait until high school to start sexting each other, and dying kids get a ton of pity.

The kid's parents should be glad Apple isn't landing them in felony charges by letting them take possession of the unencrypted files. I'm just glad there was no such thing as sexting back when I was that age, or who knows what sort of illegal stuff I might have in old computer back-ups.

Anyway, pretty stupid of the parents not to have their kid's phone lock code, especially if he was terminal. I'll grant that in their situation I probably wouldn't be thinking of that beforehand either, but it's still stupid not to retain access to a kid's very expensive devices regardless of the circumstances.

Comment Re:FBI will lose this propaganda war with Apple (Score 1) 255

From the beginning, this was an FBI PR effort to cover their own asses. They know they can do nothing to protect Americans from terrorist attacks like the one in San Bernardino, their role is to investigate afterwards and figure out whodunnit, but in these sort of terrorist attacks everyone already knows whodunnit, the terrorists already destroyed evidence or changed up anything that might jeopardize other terrorist operations, and the FBI doesn't really have anything to do except issue press releases.

Since stupid Americans think it's the job of the governmentâ"and by extension the FBIâ"to protect them from every boo-boo (something that is simply impossible, but has a large impact on the FBI's yearly budget), the FBI has to go into CYA-mode. High level political appointees put pressure on the mid-level bureaucrats to deflect blame by any and all means necessary. If it wasn't encryption being scapegoated it'd be something else, but by pointing the finger elsewhere, the FBI can look like they're doing something, and continue to justify their budgetary expenses on ineffectual programs that employ a lot of FBI supervisors. I expect the low-level FBI grunts who actually have to carry out these programs and are forced by their bosses to go before judges and the media and lie know as well as we do that encryption, or Apple, or a lack of fascist law enforcement powers has no effect whatsoever on islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism is caused by the political elites around the world that enable it through immigration policies, foreign policies, economic policies, and a culture of political correctness, as well as the well-protected-by-private-security liberals that want gun-free zones so the bullets are only flying on one direction when shit goes down.

So, pretty much politics-as-usual. Normally I wouldn't mind and just roll my eyes, but in this case and similar ones, the cost is to our basic liberties and the very soul of our nation.

Comment Re:Learn to walk before you run... (Score 1) 285

You don't think trying to create an ecology on Mars (even without terraforming, building some kind of self-sustaining "biodome" there) would teach us valuable lessons that could help us here on Earth?

Why does one have to come before the other? Working on both problems in parallel can provide scientific boons shared across both.

Comment Re:Seems obvious now (Score 2) 214

I was just trying to make a joke about how California sucks, but sure, let's nerd fight.

Starfleet Headquarters is in San Francisco
The Federation Council is in San Francisco
President of the United Federation of Planets is in Paris, but everyone knows the Federation Council has all the real power and it's been suggested the Federation is a parliamentary type system with the Council electing the President
France is also coastal, and to the west of the bulk of the continent on which it resides, thus west coast.
We don't know where the Federation Supreme Court is, but probably someplace on a west coast.

I maintain that if Trekkies took over the world, they would put their capital on a west coast.

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