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Submission + - Can Information and Technology Really Cure Obesity? (

slashbill writes: Technology is widely blamed for causing the obesity epidemic but now it might actually be coming full circle and will become a major part of the "cure". From the article: "In 1912, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article decrying weight gain in urban populations brought about by the technology of the day, namely streetcars, the elevator and, the then-latest-thing: automobiles. Perhaps, today we have finally come full circle."

Submission + - BBC Criticised For Snooping Under RIPA Powers (

judgecorp writes: "The BBC and other UK public bodies has been criticised for excessive and secretive use of snooping powers granted under RIPA (the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act). The act allows the BBC and other to request information on suspected criminals, but it has been over-used, and used covertly according to critics."

Submission + - Researchers Demonstrate Backdoor "Hack" Into the Human Brain ( 1

Zothecula writes: Once the preserve of science fiction, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have advanced to the point where they can even be found in novelty headwear, which only makes an achievement of an international team of scientists more frightening. Using an off-the-shelf Emotiv BCI costing only a few hundred dollars, the team has shown that it's possible to "hack" a human brain and pull things like bank details straight out of your skull.

Submission + - What would your first 24 hours of a "I've got to disappear" plan look like? 1

diacritica writes: "This Ask Slashdot is inspired by à-la-Bourne movies but taking a more realistic approach to the world we live in. You are native to and live in a big city (> 1M pop) in a G8 country of your choosing. T = 0h, you accidentally witness a strange event. T = 1h, you realize you're being followed AND you get the feeling that the police/government might be involved. Context data: you are able to speak one language apart from good English. You are 25 to 45 years old. You are computer savvy. You are engaged/married, you have family living in the same city. 99% of your money is in a bank account. You prefer to go "rationally" paranoid. What would you do in order to feel safe after those 24h? Remember, you didn't commit a crime, but there are plenty of real-world resources invested in catching you."

Submission + - AT&T defends controversial FaceTime policy following widespread backlash (

zacharye writes: AT&T is wasting no time hitting back at critics of its decision to limit the use of popular video chat app FaceTime over its cellular network to users who sign up for its shared data plans. In a post on the company’s official public policy blog on Wednesday, AT&T chief privacy officer Bob Quinn sneered at criticisms that restricting FaceTime over cellular to shared data plans violates the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality rules for wireless networks...

Submission + - Google reveals bin laden keyword results (

An anonymous reader writes: Google the giant search engine via their Official Twitter account posted a tweet revealing about it’s hottest search term results on 1st May 2011. And the tweet mentioned:

On May 1 between 7:30-8:30 pm PST, we saw a 1 million percent increase in searches for [bin laden]


Submission + - Data Protection Software Too Complicated To Use (

jfruhlinger writes: "With a series of major data breaches over the past few months, you'd think more and more companies would be investing in data protection software, which can help keep data secure even on systems that have been compromised. Unfortunately, even organizations that have paid good money for this software often don't use it, because, as one of the vendors admits, it's often too complicated to use."

Submission + - Did Some Black Holes Survive the Big Bang? (

astroengine writes: "Could anything survive from one universe to the next, through a Big Crunch and resulting Big Bang? According to two researchers, a special class of pre-Big Bang black hole may have the ability to traverse the Big Bang singularity. The upshot is that there may be black holes that existed before the Big Bang knocking around in our modern universe. What's more, we might be able to detect them through the theorized gamma-ray burst produced when these pre-Big Bang black holes evaporate out of existence. But how would we distinguish between these black holes and the primordial black holes thought to be produced after the Big Bang? Well, that's just too confusing right now."

Submission + - 82% of IT Workers Report Data Breaches (

i4u writes: In the wake of Sony's data debacle, corporations around the world are taking another look at information security. Storing your data behind a firewall isn't enough, and trusting on client-side protections to keep the bad people out is what screwed the PlayStation Network. The industry is grappling for a solution, especially with the news that 82% of IT practitioners questioned report at least one breach of their systems.

The cost of a stolen file varies pretty wildly. The average figure is $214...but entities lose an average of 16,000 records per data breach.

Submission + - Starting an Aspergers child with game dev?

An anonymous reader writes: I have a 13 year old with PDD-NOS, simlar to Aspergers, that is facinated by gaming and has expressed an interest in learning. Unlike many Aspergers kids, without some early and easy success, he will get frustrated and give up. If he can get a couple of quick wins, he will dive in to something tenaciously. Due to this, I'm thinking of getting him started with a game engine to help him build some quick, simple games and suck him in. I'm looking to spark his imagination and help him understand he can turn the worlds he creates on paper into worlds he can interact with and share with the his friends (most of which are online).

Given this, what game engine would you recommend? Am I just setting him up to build bad habits? Should I skip the engine and just start him off with VB or similar? What did you do to get your spectrum kid started?

Submission + - Google May Be Sued By Quintura Over Wonder Wheel (

An anonymous reader writes: The visual search engine Quintura may be filing a lawsuit against Google over Google’s Wonder Wheel “visual search engine interface.” Quintura holds 8 patents on the technology and Google may be infringing the company’s patents.
The Internet

Submission + - Internet Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize ( 1

JoonasD6 writes: "For the first time, an unanimate and abstract object could be winning a Nobel Prize. The Internet was proposed by the Italian version of the Wired magazine, and lately the Internet has indeed provided people around the world the tools to fight for freedom of speech, for democracy and against corruption."

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