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Comment Re:Fail? (Score 1) 129

Amiga OFS has 488 _user_ bytes per block. The rest is the block header, which can be used to, I don't know, recover blocks even when part of the disk is lost, for example. The actual block size was still 512 bytes like everybody else uses, because that's something the hardware generally supports.

Comment Gee, that's a real black and white question... (Score 1) 387

Structural, or one-off? During a busy period or while he would otherwise be staring out the window? For money, or as a hobby? After having been warned not too, or as a first offense? Doing something that will ultimately take business (not just hours) away from the company, or completely unrelated?

At the lower end of the scale, I don't see much difference between an engineer hobbying around a bit on a lazy afternoon and, say, a female employee rushing out to pick up a sick child from daycare unexpectedly. On the other hand, if someone is structurally working on his own stuff, intended to compete with his current employer, and has been told numerous times not to...

Comment Re:Yes, but... (Score 1) 222

How do you know overruns are way more common? Your sample set consists of two sources of samples: personal experience (and you might just be a bad planner), and events reported in the press (and 'project finishes on time, on budget!' usually doesn't get reported).

I'd like to see some numbers before I believe that statement.

Comment Re:virtue signaling (Score 1) 478

While I admit that I don't like the SJW type (and I'm inclined to believe you are one), when I use certain words I do usually put in an attempt to use their normal meaning, and neither I nor anybody else needs your help to explain what words I was really using. Your pathetic attempt to reinterpret my text, and in the process put in a few cheap shots on my person, suggests you are feeling threatened, which in turn indicates I came entirely too close to the truth for comfort.

You should learn to let people speak for themselves, not not try to speak for them. You should learn to listen to what they say, without reinterpreting it to mean something else. And you most definitely should respect whatever people do, if they themselves choose to do so of their free will - seek it out, in fact.

In the meantime, I choose to exercise my right to raise my voice in support of the developer who was fired (and presumably had his life ruined by all his friends, family, colleagues, etc. learning about his non-mainstream sexual preference). And I add the following statement, which means exactly what it says: you're a wanker.

Comment Re:I think they don't understand (Score 3, Insightful) 478

You don't understand. Social Justice is all about power: the power to tell others how to live their lives, how to act, how to speak. It's certainly not about making the world a better place. And conformance won't mean you will be left alone or even tolerated, it just means they will find something else to control you with.

So this guy is into an alternative lifestyle. Good for him, I say. Now his fellow developers support him. That makes them good people too, in my book.

Comment Re:Health Care (Score 3, Insightful) 903

What does it matter if it's your employer paying it directly, or paying the money to you and you paying it? The route the money takes shouldn't make a difference.

I live in the Netherlands. The lowest tax bracket here is 36%, which seems surprisingly close to the 37% we ended up with in the table. The highest bracket is 52%, and it kicks in at around 67000 euro (i.e. it's not just for the extremely rich).

But then there is another sum which must be payed by the employer. This is income-dependent, but it's not counted as income tax. Why? This money is directly related to my income, so what could it be, other than an income tax?

"Ah, but this second sum is paid by the employer, so it isn't income tax!" Well, I've got news for you: the first sum is also directly paid by my employer to the government. I never get to see or touch that money. I just hear about it in reports, stating that I sponsored the government for an appallingly large figure.

So yeah, all in all I'm going to go with "we pay a lot more than 37%", and that makes me suspect the other figures in the report as well.

Comment Re:Raise your hand if... (Score 1) 366

Mistake in phrasing on my part. My comment should have opened with "I would imagine that most places that take plastic only advertise it when you walk in."

But you're mistaken about any establishment being forced to take cash to settle a debt. From the US Treasury website:

There is, however, no Federal statute mandating that a private business, a person or an organization must accept currency or coins as for payment for goods and/or services. Private businesses are free to develop their own policies on whether or not to accept cash unless there is a State law which says otherwise. For example, a bus line may prohibit payment of fares in pennies or dollar bills. In addition, movie theaters, convenience stores and gas stations may refuse to accept large denomination currency (usually notes above $20) as a matter of policy.

Based on this, a merchant is free to require plastic only. Your offer to pay cash may be rebuffed, but your debt is still open unless and until you find a means to pay the merchant in the merchant's preferred fashion. Failure to do so opens you up to legal action.

Comment Re:As long as it's just apostrophes... (Score 1) 158

Acronyms are abbreviations made of the initial letters of other words and pronounced as separate words themselves. Examples: NASA, FUBAR, SNAFU.

Initialisms are abbreviations made of the initial letters of other words but pronounced by speaking each letter in turn. Examples: UN, US, UK, NSA.

"SKU" is sometimes treated as either. It can be pronounced "S-K-U" or similar to the word "skew."

Anyway, whether you add an apostrophe before the 's' in a plural form depends on the style guide you choose to follow. Oxford says not to use it (except in the case of a single letter or digit), as does the Chicago Manual of Style. However, the NYTimes guide says it must be used.

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