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Comment Re:== vs =, | vs ||, variable/pointer dereference (Score 1) 88

if (a = b) {

When they meant:
if (a == b) {

Which is the one thing Visual Basic got right IMHO, use := for assignment and == for comparison..

Except it didn't, VB6 and VB.Net use "=" both for comparison and assignment, Pascal and PL/SQL, among others, use the ":=" operator for assignment.

Comment Re:Already done (Score 1) 46

This idea dates back to the '60s, I watched a documentary that demonstrated dozens of cigarettes being "smoked" at the same time through some cloth filter that was then analyzed (it was still the time when tobacco companies pretended to be interested about your health). It was a simple timed vacuum pump, they were not replicating patterns, but the basic idea has been there for decades.

Comment Re:So... (Score 2) 274

This is basically what Chinese manufacturers have tried (and failed) to do with the Lightning connector. I bought two or three of these "uncertified" cables for EUR 2-3 EUR, that refused to work or stopped working after a week or so. I bought a couple of "certified" cables from Amazon (EUR 8, non the insane EUR 19 Apple is asking) and they work well.

Comment Re:Not Client Side? (Score 2) 19

Of course you are right, but there is no way around this: if you want your cloud-based instance (i.e. VM) to boot, the disk must be readable by the virtual infrastructure, so they must have the key to decrypt it (according to the instructions, you also have to supply your key when you restart an instance, but of course this does not prevent them from storing it without telling you). This is probably useful for clients who want some form of granular control on their infrastructure: Google can still access your data (or at least the disk images, not the data that has been encrypted client-side and uploaded) but this prevents anyone in your organization from doing the same unless he/she has the right decryption key.

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