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Comment PTSD Cure Illegal (Score 4, Interesting) 61

Not to diminish the importance of blocking memory formation (nice research), but most people do not care about those who suffer from PTSD.

We have a known cure for PTSD, combination MDMA psychotherapy, but it's currently illegal in most of the world because both the US FDA and DEA political hacks claim that no medical uses exist for the chemical (despite the DEA Court finding otherwise).

It's a clear case of government vs. science and the loser in the battle is the vulnerable population of patients with PTSD (and the rest of society by extension). Sadly, most of society supports those politicians over both science and the needs of the afflicted.

Comment Re:Bull twaddle, Seattle is best (Score 1) 251

Who the hell wants to live in Seattle? I don't even like working here... You get out to the suburbs and it's nice, but expensive. You have to go either waaay out (like past North Bend or Yelm or something), settle for a crowded apartment complex / condo / townhome, or live in a rat hole in Kent. I'm at 90 minutes average right now if I carpool. The bus is two hours, and I'm still around 90-105 minutes if I try to do the Sounder and transfer to local transit when I hit the city.

I can't tolerate being in that close of a space with that many people, so I'll stick with driving.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 3, Insightful) 300

It's an education thing. People who know how English evolved know that 'he' can be both masculine or neuter, depending on context. It's been that way since before 'ye', 'thou', 'thy' and similar words went away.

People who are uneducated may assume that 'he' is only masculine and will choose to feel oppressed about it. I can't imagine how bad those people feel using romance languages where half of the nouns are masculine gendered.

It's somewhat awkward, but less so than losing the singular/plural distinction. Style guides are a useful reference, but feel free to ignore their inconsistencies and poor suggestions.

Comment Re:Sorry, it's time has passed (Score 4, Interesting) 208

OS/2 got interrupt handling exactly right. I could format a floppy, play Wolfenstein in a window, and have a mod tracker playing in the background on a 486/25. BeOS got close but was never quite as good.

My Linux machine today can't copy to a USB hard drive without making the rest of the system unusable.

It seems like Linux could still learn some tricks from these old OS's.

Comment Re: but you arent a traditional CA (Score 1) 250

Typosquatting has been a problem for twenty years and DV certs fo at least half that time. Why would this suddenly be Let's Encrypt's problem? $4.95 has never stopped phishing attacks before.

Any typosquatting solution is going to be entirely locale dependent - the only place to handle that is at the browser. Give Google and MoFo hell about never caring about this. For all I know the Khazak word for "hot pizza" looks like "citibank" but it's definitely not a job for Let's Encrypt to deny that pizza place a cert. If we insist they do, they will either fail to succeed or give up and go home. Cui bono?

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