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Comment I don't (Score 1) 507

And should I ever end up getting a TV that has the capability, I'll never connect it to the Internet (internet tomorrow :) ). I can manage my laptop/workstation/whatever device to make sure it has the patches it needs. I can't do that for a TV.

Therefore, the only way a smart TV will be showing Netflix/Youtube/whatever is through a device that *I* have control over. Period.

Comment High School German class (Score 1) 320

I was in German class, listening to a person from the Concordia Language Villages in Bemidji Minnesota. He was talking about their (long since abandoned :( ) German college in Bemidji. He was just about done showing a video when the announcement came over the P.A. Our teacher said that we needed to listen to the rest of the presentation and then he would let us take over the T.V. to see what we could find being broadcast.

Relatedly, I was actually the one who told my dad when he came home from work that day. As he came in the door I asked him if he had heard the news.

Comment Re:In Switzerland, they pretty much have to, by la (Score 1) 545

Here in the States, at least here in Wisconsin, kids go to school on their own all the time. My daughter is in 2nd grade and has been walking the whole block to school since she started 1st grade in 2014. As mentioned previously, I think this is more of protecting the act than actually allowing it.

Comment Re:Goddamnit (Score 1) 535

Actually, "TK-4TWO1" is right down the street from me. Used to be on a pick-up truck, now is on a sedan of some sort. Odd thing is, I'm not sure how many people have picked up on the license plate's reference. My Cow-Orker didn't until I told him.

Comment Re:This is horrible news (Score 1) 304

Hiya. The apparently lone PC movie watcher here. That's just about all I do. I recently had my faithful Panasonic DVD player from ~2002 break, needed a replacement. The Sony piece of junk is a pain to try to use. Takes for ever to come up and forces me to wade through most of the beginning junk to get to the movie. VLC on my laptop is now about the only way I watch movies at home.

And I will never get a Smart TV, or if I do it will NOT be connected to any network anything.

Now get off my yard!

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 790

Actually, I still hear a rotary phone almost daily. Certainly a few times a week. At work I have a rotary dial that is used to select one of 20 phone systems' serial ports. Thanks to one of my predecessors, we have all of these digital phone systems' serial ports wired to one location, with an old phone-type selector to chose. Each spin of the rotary dial and you get a series of s from the selector as it moves to the next port.

It's kinda fun to think about, but I'll admit to REALLY looking forward to getting VoIP at work (finally!)

Comment Other benefits than a fast charge (Score 4, Insightful) 395

Seems a lot of comments are focusing on how to actually do that 5-minute charge. Hardly anybody seems to have thought about the other aspects, especially the ultra-long life. If the batteries can last 20 years/10,000 charges/what ever, it seems to me this is a really good thing. I'd be just fine with a 1-hour charge, or even an overnight charge. Top off when I can, good to go.

Comment Re:Winter (Score 1) 86

I am glad they picked a location that experiences Winter in all its harshness.

Sorry, Detroit is not Winter "in all it's harshness", unless you're specifically referring to all of the salt they put on the roads to dissolve your car over time. I lived in the Detroit area for a few years and would laugh at all of the complaining about the cold weather. Minneapolis/St. Paul got far colder in my mind. And this is just from south of the Canadian border. I'm sure they get much colder Up North.

Comment Re:USB support still sucks though (Score 1) 114

I've actually had good luck with previous versions, actually. I have a USB-Serial adapter that I need to use for device management. The software, however, will not run on Windows 7 or higher. I've created an XP VM on the Win7 host that has pass through for the device. Works just fine.

I think I've done this for for a USB-HDD adapter as well. Works for the old laptop disks, for certain. I think for the SATA adapter as well. Haven't actually tried it for the normal ATA drives, but don't see why it wouldn't work. The HDD adapter has worked for both an XP VM and a Solaris 10 VM.

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