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Submission + - Neglecting your privacy to fix software bugs

An anonymous reader writes: I work in the support department of a multinational who make CRM software.

Frequently our customers send us their databases to see if we can figure out why they're experiencing certain bugs. They never randomize the data, so I've had access to millions of credit card numbers, access to people's health records, and even access to sex offender's lists (including the victims' contact details).

What's the point in implementing software security if the database will be shared for the sake of a few bug fixes?

Submission + - Larry Page to replace Eric Schmidt as Google CEO ( 1

D H NG writes: While announcing its Q4 financial results, Google had also announced some changes in leadership. Starting April 4, Google co-founder Larry Page will replace Eric Schmidt as CEO. Sergey Brin will retain the title Co-Founder and Eric Schmidt becomes the Executive Chairman and retains his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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