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Social Networks

Submission + - Wikipedia flights with retention of contributors (wikimedia.org) 1

rackeer writes: "According to wikipedia's Editor Trends Study, active contributors are leaving, and new contributors don't stay with the project and make up a continuously smaller share of the total number of contributors. A whitepaper by the wikimedia foundation proposes top priorities based on this study. One of these priorities is the creation of a climate which is positive towards newcomers. What is your opinion of what should change?"

Submission + - ACLU's Mobile Privacy Developer Challenge (develop4privacy.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Privacy groups announced a mobile privacy developer challenge today. The competition, Develop for Privacy, challenges mobile app developers to create tools that help ordinary mobile device users understand and protect their privacy. Its sponsored by the ACLU of Northern California, the ACLU of Washington, and the Tor Project, with the assistance of the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner's Office. Submission deadline is May 31, 2011. The winner will be announced in August 2011 at an event in Las Vegas, coinciding with the DEFCON and Black Hat security conferences.

Submission + - Canada Courts Quashes Govt. Decision on Globalive (theglobeandmail.com)

sitkill writes: The Canadian Government has rejected the Tory Cabinet's decision to overturn a CRTC mandate not allowing Globalive (which is more commonly known in Canada as the mobile carrier Wind) to operate in Canada. This is a small vindication to the enbattled CRTC which has been recently in the spotlight for it's recent decision on usage based billing, which has also come under criticism by the Tory Cabinet.

The CEO, Mr. Lacavera, stressed that this would not result in Globalive's Wind Mobile being shut down, simply that it would require another round of wrangling with the regulator over how much foreign influence is acceptable in a Canadian telecommunications company.".

Operating Systems

Submission + - Nokia Urged To Adopt Windows Phone 7 (eweekeurope.co.uk)

jhernik writes: Nokia should demote Symbian and dump Meego, in favour of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, says an investment analyst

An investment banker has called on Nokia CEO Stephen Elop to adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, at the Finnish giant’s investor day next week, on the eve of Mobile World Congress (MWC)

The letter from London-based Berenberg Bank analyst Adnaan Ahmad, also reportedly urged Nokia to abandon its Linux-based operating system MeeGo, which it is developing in conjunction with Intel.

A copy of the tongue-in-cheel letter, dated 2 February, was obtained by the Financial Times and can be viewed here.

Time For Change
Ahmad suggests that if the two companies teamed up, they could mount a stronger challenge to the likes of Android and Apple. Ahmad also warned about the dangers facing “slow moving incumbents”.


Submission + - What to ask Congressman regarding Net Neutrality? (bluecollarmuse.com) 1

SonicSpike writes: I have the opportunity to participate in a conference call with a local Congresswoman who has sponsored legislation to restrict the FCC from arbitrarily mandating any form of Net Neutrality. Please list some ideas of intelligent questions to the Congresswoman that can be asked during this conference call .

Submission + - Paypal alternatives? 6

dotancohen writes: It seems that everything that I used to do with Paypal is gone, and nobody has found a good alternative yet. This month I tried donating to Anki (but Paypal is no longer serving Japan for donations) and Virtual Identity (which stopped accepting Paypal due to the Wikileaks incident). The authors of both software are looking for alternatives. What can we recommend to them? What reliable and inexpensive money-transfer services exist today? What do you use?
The Internet

Submission + - The end of the net as we know it (pcpro.co.uk)

Barence writes: Britain’s leading ISPs are attempting to construct a two-tier internet, where websites and services that are willing to pay are thrust into the “fast lane”, while those that don’t are left fighting for scraps of bandwidth or even blocked outright. Asked directly whether ISP TalkTalk would be willing to cut off access completely to BBC iPlayer in favour of YouTube if the latter was prepared to sign a big enough cheque, TalkTalk’s Andrew Heaney replied: “We’d do a deal, and we’d look at YouTube and we’d look at BBC and we should have freedom to sign whatever deal works.” Britain's biggest ISP, BT, meanwhile says it could "absolutely could see situations in which some content or application providers might want to pay BT for a quality of service above best efforts." PC Pro asks if it's the end of the net as we know it.

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