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Comment User stupidity? (Score 1) 282

What do you do If you know the following data has been compromised: email-address and possibly the password used for that email address as well (if it's the same). You fecking change the password as soon as you are aware of the fact! I'm sorry but if you didn't do that yet you deserve to be locked out of psn for ever and preferably locked out of a reproduction opportunity as well.

Comment Re:Wakeup call US? (Score 1) 174

How is the iDEAL payment flow noticeably different from that of PayPal, which you call "horrible", other than that iDEAL is branded by the bank and not eBay?

With iDEAL you click on buy on your chosen website you come to the main login of your bank you use a username ( 8 random letter number combination) and a chosen password (min.8 letters + number) you then get a screen with a code. you have a little device yourself you put your debit card in you then enter a given code and it will give you the correct response for that given code at that given time. And if you remember the Wikileaks payment issues, paypal could just shut it off completely regardless if the bank cared about it or not. a service like iDEAL would not do that and let the bank decide for itself. As for direct payments in person that would need time and investment to change but it is still completely technically possible and more secure

Comment Wakeup call US? (Score 3, Interesting) 174

When is the US consumer ever going to learn that the credit card is one of the worst inventions ever! Of course it's Sony's fault but you are using a broken system. Make direct online banking the standard, not some insanely insecure card or some horrible third-party service like paypal. Here in The Netherlands we Have iDeal We need to get to such a system on a global scale. The tech is there and it's more secure, so what the hell are they waiting for.

Comment There was a game called Titan Quest (Score 1) 365

And It suffered heavily from a bug that would pop up in the pirated version. Ton's of people where complaining on the forums that the game was buggy and no good because of it. And other people listened and didn't buy it. So if software developers really want to do such a thing either make it a minor problem or patch it in later, because if you don't it can hurt your reputation.

Submission + - Is Silicon Valley Over? (

HaveNoMouth writes: Paul Carr writes in TechCrunch that Silicon Valley is no longer where the real tech innovation is happening. Instead, the valley has filled up with cargo-cult Zuckerclones. Carr describes a recent party where he struck up a conversation with an entrepreneur who claimed he was creating a billion-dollar company:

It was only then I noticed his outfit. Everyone else was in smart-ish jeans and shirts, but the entrepreneur was carefully dressed in a hoodie and a pair of open-toed flip flops. Later investigation would reveal that his 'billion dollar' app was a social network for people with .edu addresses. The secret sauce? The fact that it gave college kids a way to flirt around campus.
Any of this sounding familiar? All he needed to complete the picture was a couple of embittered rowing twins baying for his blood...

Carr says the real tech innovation is happening in places like New York where old media is dying, where people take risks because they have nothing left to lose.

Social Networks

Submission + - Wikipedia flights with retention of contributors ( 1

rackeer writes: "According to wikipedia's Editor Trends Study, active contributors are leaving, and new contributors don't stay with the project and make up a continuously smaller share of the total number of contributors. A whitepaper by the wikimedia foundation proposes top priorities based on this study. One of these priorities is the creation of a climate which is positive towards newcomers. What is your opinion of what should change?"

Submission + - ACLU's Mobile Privacy Developer Challenge (

An anonymous reader writes: Privacy groups announced a mobile privacy developer challenge today. The competition, Develop for Privacy, challenges mobile app developers to create tools that help ordinary mobile device users understand and protect their privacy. Its sponsored by the ACLU of Northern California, the ACLU of Washington, and the Tor Project, with the assistance of the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner's Office. Submission deadline is May 31, 2011. The winner will be announced in August 2011 at an event in Las Vegas, coinciding with the DEFCON and Black Hat security conferences.

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