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Comment Re:They are looking at it all wrong (Score 1) 121

"Does Uber require that the person they are paying to drive actually be the driver? If so, then the drivers are definitely employees, but if the person they are paying is allowed to subcontract someone else to do their work (and presumably still make a profit while doing so), then the driver is not"

Silent coder confirmed that you were oversimplifying with your snow shoveling response.

It sounds to me like you're still oversimplifying.

Comment Re:They are looking at it all wrong (Score 1) 121

"If someone agrees to drive for Uber as an independent contractor, then Uber is that person's client. If an independent contractor agrees to work for a client who isn't willing to negotiate their pay rate, then that's on that person"

It doesn't work like that, you need to look up the legal definitions of an employee and an independent contractor and how the law distinguishes between them.

Comment Re: More slashdot fake news (Score 1) 574

"That's why he's taking office in 20 days"

Yup, Trump won the election but lost the popular vote, hence he lost too, just not the election.

That said, I'm sorry for my comment. It was my sad attempt at trolling and it took nearly 24hrs to get a response and have my comment down voted, and if it wasn't for the update I'd probably never have gotten any attention.

Comment Re:SubjectIsSubject (Score 1) 164

It is not the religion, per se, that is the problem. It is fundamentalists or extremists who claim to be part of the religion that are the problem.

I think we can safely say that it is both. Idiots are a problem, and people who get them worked up to do stupid things in the name of religion are also a problem. Take away that excuse and they'll have many less takers.

Not really, not all fundamentalists, and religions or ideologies, contribute to the problem. But for extremists, I think most agree they're a problem in every culture.

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