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Comment wii fit had an immediate real-world impact (Score 1) 232

i know this isn't quite what the article is getting at, but i found myself conscious of my stance and walking after the first time playing with the wii fit. may not seem like much to many of you, but i was immediately struck at how a seemingly simple piece of technology can have leave a real and lasting impression.

everything about the wii is just clever from an engineering/programming standpoint. it might not seem like it now, but i bet in 10 years, the wii will be cited as one of the great advancements in VR -- mainly because i think it will get us thinking differently about VR than the "lawnmower man" mentality.

of course, the other game is GTAIV, because of it's great simulation. although i do think it's a step backward form san andreas -- what i think would be a great thing to happen is for more cross-pollination in vide games -- eg, GTA has a great city/driving/shooting simulation, but not much else, really. "skate" has a great skateboarding simulation -- civilization has great AI, etc. if producers licensed their core engines, and made them modular, you could buy add-ons. eg, if you wanted skateboarding in GTA, you could buy the "skate" add-on.

ok, enough conjecture, more coffee. . .

mr c

Comment sounds like granular synthesis (Score 1) 134

"a number of very short sound particles that can last for between 1 and 10 milliseconds" sounds like granular synthesis. seems like a algorithmic composition (pitch, rythm, duration, etc.) driving a synth; and that the two data sets are unrelated

granular synthesis:

mr c


Copyright Law Used to Shut Down Site 206

driptray writes "The Sydney Morning Herald reports that an Australian mining industry group has used copyright laws to close a website that parodied a coal industry ad campaign. A group known as Rising Tide created the website using the slogan "Rising sea levels: brought to you by mining" in response to the mining industry's slogan of "Life: brought to you by mining". The mining industry claimed that the "content and layout" of the parody site infringed copyright, but when Rising Tide removed the copyrighted photos and changed the layout, the mining industry still lodged a complaint. Is this a misuse of copyright law in order to stifle dissent?"

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