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Comment wii fit had an immediate real-world impact (Score 1) 232

i know this isn't quite what the article is getting at, but i found myself conscious of my stance and walking after the first time playing with the wii fit. may not seem like much to many of you, but i was immediately struck at how a seemingly simple piece of technology can have leave a real and lasting impression.

everything about the wii is just clever from an engineering/programming standpoint. it might not seem like it now, but i bet in 10 years, the wii will be cited as one of the great advancements in VR -- mainly because i think it will get us thinking differently about VR than the "lawnmower man" mentality.

of course, the other game is GTAIV, because of it's great simulation. although i do think it's a step backward form san andreas -- what i think would be a great thing to happen is for more cross-pollination in vide games -- eg, GTA has a great city/driving/shooting simulation, but not much else, really. "skate" has a great skateboarding simulation -- civilization has great AI, etc. if producers licensed their core engines, and made them modular, you could buy add-ons. eg, if you wanted skateboarding in GTA, you could buy the "skate" add-on.

ok, enough conjecture, more coffee. . .

mr c

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