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Comment Ars being vague with the facts (Score 1) 149

I've allowed those who are in range (effectively no one due to the thickness of walls) side access through my BT router for years. Far from it being "subverted", it was a conscious choice on my part; sign up for BT FON, use wireless hotspots around the globe for free. As I live in a residential area, the likelihood of someone parked by my house hoping for an open hotspot is remote, plus I'm not such a bandwidth hog that my connection is saturated 24/7. In any case, the guest network gets what's left over. Thus it was an easy decision to make.

I don't see the point of the Virgin Media version. It has the same limitations but no benefit to the customer.

Comment Re:I'm honestly blown away... (Score 1) 130

I saw that story, and had to look up when "South Sea Adventure" by Willard Price, a book I read in my childhood, was written. It specifically mentioned CoTs as being a problem for coral reefs (but didn't go into specifics of why the population was increasing so much. It was a children's book, after all.)

This book was written in 1952. For this to be in a children's book it had to have been pretty well known for years beforehand. El Niño effects have been known for a lot less time.

Comment Re: Darwin at work (Score 1) 200

I was referring to the UK, being British and having paid attention to the Highway Code in order to pass my driving test.

Someone you can't see lurches out from behind a parked high sided van 10 feet away from you when you are driving along the road at 15mph, well before the limit, you hit them because there is no way you can avoid them and it's still your fault? Fuck off with that bollocks.

Comment Re: Darwin at work (Score 2, Informative) 200

Actually, the ruling is if there is a pedestrian or cyclist (or any legal user of the highway, so moped, ridden horse etc are included) *already* on the road, then they have right of way.

Those not on the road *do not* have right of way over those who are. You can't just walk out into traffic.

However, if a pedestrian is at a designated crossing point such as a zebra crossing those on the road are to stop *if safe to do so*. That still doesn't mean a pedestrian can blithely cross without first looking at that point, though many do.

Initially, the driver will be considered at fault in law if they run someone over but that is not absolute and binding. For instance, if their view of the oblivious pedestrian was obscured by a parked vehicle or they simply couldn't stop in time whilst otherwise driving safely, they are not at fault, though they will still be blamed.

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