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Comment Re:SubjectIsSubject (Score 2) 526

That's all after the fact. What Apple pays to shareholders and where is immaterial.

Apple moved earnings to Ireland because of this sweet deal that enabled them to dodge taxes, and Google have done likewise. That deal has been deemed illegal. Now they've been caught out they should be allowed to move it somewhere else and still not pay their taxes? Try that with your earnings and see how far you get.

The people they employ certainly don't pay that minuscule peppercorn rate. Why should a multi billion company? Fuck them. Fuck them with a rusty shovel.

Comment Re:BKSP = Back Button is INFURIATING (Score 1) 141

Then I've been a masochist for twenty years and started with Lynx on a dumb terminal.

That the problem is solved by removing an almost ubiquitous keyboard shortcut across operating systems instead of fucking intercepting it and confirming you wanted to go back and thus lose what you'd entered into form elements shows a distinct lack of the slightest brain power for decades from browser makers. This could have been implemented in the 90s.

That Google has to rush out an extension to restore the now missing expected behaviour means their statistic that only 0.04% of users actually used the backspace button to go back is bullshit.

Comment Re: Ross was a heretic (Score 1) 59

Kirk sucked as an admiral on purpose because he didn't want to be one. He was promoted (probably one of those automatic done X years service type things) out of the job he loved into one where he pushed pens and sent others off have all the fun. That's why he did stupid crap like climbing El Capitan unaided so he could have fun again. It's also why he disobeyed orders: he knew he'd get demoted for it and get the Enterprise back.

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