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Comment Re:Weird definition (Score 1) 224

The only reply to anti-vaxxers is go live in a bubble on the Moon and stop threatening the population just because you are selfish enough to think fuck everybody who can't get vaccinated due to medical reasons and thus relies on those who can to not get infected with a disease that can kill them.

Comment Re:WhatsApp is just a brand (Score 1) 76

Having two (or more) identities is a sign of me exercising my right to be called / referred to by whatever I want, not some corporate. My official identity is used by government, my other identities are used by me variously in real life and online. There is some crossover, but they are independent and discrete, just the way I like it.

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 1) 184

My passport has the wrong DOB on it due to costive apes not being able to read the correctly completed application form and the corroborating birth certificate with matching details. To correct *their* mistake I'd have to reapply as if I'd never had one before, paying the full fee again (plus all corroborating documents to be sent back at my expense). Seeing as they couldn't get it right first time, why would I trust them with another £100?

I just remember that the date is different should I be asked when going through border controls as that is far easier.

Comment Re:Cart before the horse? (Score 1) 167

That's why I queried the phrase as it, on its own, raised doubts. Anybody who has had actual dealings with horses instead of Lazeeboy ACs posting from the all-knowing reclined position in their mother's basement whose closest interaction is watching Champion The Wonder Horse on rerun would have them.

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