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Comment Re:What the fuck is Samsung Pay? (Score 2) 24

Alright, even though Google is a thing that you should know how to use by now, I'll go ahead and bite.

Samsung Pay is an electronic payment method similar to Apple Pay or Android Pay. It comes pre-loaded on high-end Samsung phones. One of its key differentiators is that it can use the MST magnetic coil in the back of the phone to mimic swiping your physical credit card through a card reader. This means it works at all of those terminals that don't yet have NFC readers built-in. Given the (relative) lack of market penetration for NFC-capable card readers, this is a Big Deal. Samsung's decision to push this tech down to lower-end phones (and especially to areas where NFC terminals are largely unheard of, such as India) will undoubtedly help them to grow their user base substantially.

Comment Re:I was skeptical about VR (Score 1) 151

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people's first interaction with "VR" is through Google Cardboard, Gear VR, and other Viewmaster methods of holding your cellphone up to your face. That's about as from from actual, immersive 3D VR as you can get. But it's enough to make people go "Hey, this is kind of interesting but why should I pony up $700 for a Vive? This isn't worth $700." and onto the pile of failed tech it goes.

I truly believe that the future of real VR is bright. The potential is limitless. But we're not quite there yet.


Are Gates, Musk Being 'Too Aggressive' With AI Concerns? ( 311

gthuang88 reports on a talk titled "Will Robots Eat Your Job?" Bill Gates and Elon Musk are sounding the alarm "too aggressively" over artificial intelligence's potential negative consequences for society, says MIT professor Erik Brynjolfsson. The co-author of The Second Machine Age argues it will take at least 30 to 50 years for robots and software to eliminate the need for human laborers. In the meantime, he says, we should be investing in education so that people are prepared for the jobs of the future, and are focused on where they still have an advantage over machines -- creativity, empathy, leadership, and teamwork.
The professor acknowledges "there are some legitimate concerns" about robots taking jobs away from humans, but "I don't think it's a problem we have to face today... It can be counterproductive to overestimate what machines can do right now." Eventually humankind will reach a world where robots do practically everything, the professor believes, but with a universal basic income this could simply leave us humans with more leisure time.

Comment Router? (Score 1, Informative) 173

When did we start calling wireless access points "routers"? Oh, sure, I know lots of consumer routers have access points built in, and maybe I'm just being pedantic, but come on already. We already use the word "router" for something and we already had a perfectly good word for "access point". I had to dig through three articles before I learned what the actual problem was.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 1, Insightful) 74

If you have access to it and can know who has it and where it is you can probably get an officer to come with you and knock on a door.

I think you would be astonished at how difficult it is to get the police to react or respond to petty theft calls. Even if you hand them everything they need to make an arrest.

Comment "Missed a lot of e-mails" (Score 4, Insightful) 66

She also said that NSID shifted attention to other projects and basically forgot that it had promised to build a canine mind-reader. “We missed a lot of emails, so we’re really sorry about that,” Mazetti says. “We had a restructuring at the company, and we had an absent-minded engineer in charge.”

No, you ignored a lot of e-mails. You had people trying to contact you for two years. "Missing e-mails" is believable when it's less than five. It's really not necessary to continue lying to your backers.

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