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Comment Re:Deja Vu (Score 3, Funny) 130

"We're doing something really, really different."

Translation: We're doing something slightly different than what someone else has already done, but not really groundbreaking in any meaningful way, and it will still have the same problems that the previous technology had.

Comment Re:Not to remove a performance issue. (Score 1, Insightful) 220

Which is of great comfort to the owners of medical imagers that are now junk unless someone catches and rolls back the anniversary edition. There is claimed to be a fix in the pipe.

If you're running a medical imager and you're auto-installing patches willy-nilly without thoroughly testing them, then you're doing it wrong. I don't care what OS you're running, that's just negligent.

Comment Re:WebRTC (Score 1) 237

Not for ever - they are working on a method of doing bridge-based WebRTC which is nevertheless end-to-end secure - see . AIUI, the way it works is that it established point-to-point encrypted tunnels between the endpoints for key distribution so the bridge isn't able to decrypt the data even if it wanted to, and yet, you don't need N->N transmission of streams.


Comment Marketing is a four-letter word (Score 5, Interesting) 195

Is nothing sacred anymore? Are we really nothing more than market research tools and products to be sold to the highest bidder anymore? Look, if you give me something for free, I don't think it's necessarily unreasonable to ask for something in return (provided you disclose that you're collecting that data). But if I'm paying for it, then please just stop. I'm the customer, not the product.

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