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Comment Re:I used to love going to the theater (Score 1) 328

Agreed. I have no problem with them showing ads and trailers, but they should be legally obligated to provide the actual starting time of the feature film as well -- so if I don't want to see that stuff, I can come 25 minutes "late" or whatever.

It's pretty easy to estimate when the feature will start, so you can skip the ads if you want, but if you wait to go in you're going to end up sitting in either the front row or the back row. So, your choice is either crappy seats or spoilers. Personally, I've started bringing in headphones. Closing my eyes and drowning out the trailers has vastly improved my movie-going experience. It's nice to see a movie without already knowing every major plot point in advance.

Comment I used to love going to the theater (Score 3) 328

I used to love going to the theater but it sucks now. It's too expensive, too crowded, and I don't want to watch 15 minutes of product endorsements followed by 20 minutes of spoilers for upcoming films before they get around to showing the feature.

Mr. Cameron, you say you want to "preserve the theater experience as something special" but it hasn't been "special" in twenty years. It's the entertainment industry's version of going to the airport. It's only a matter of time before they start adding backscatter body scanners and abusive TSA (Theater Security Agency) officers.

Comment Re:Hell no (Score 1) 140

but at the very least [Nintendo] actually recognize that their customers are human beings who play games for fun, they aren't fleshbags with coin purses.
Really? You might wanna rethink that. If your decision to chose one technology over the other based on each one's privacy policy, you're always going to lose. You are always the product.

Comment Re:So the farmer is merely renting the tractor? (Score 5, Insightful) 639

"Oh, sure, we'll fix it for free, but you have to bring it to our repair facility in Tucson. Oh, by the way, our single qualified technician is backlogged six months. If your crops can't wait six months, we do offer a premium value-added repair service that includes same-day onsite repairs..."

Comment Re:Wiretapping laws (Score 1) 160

It is public transit. There is no "wire" being tapped and your conversation is not private. If a person next to you can hear/see — and record — audio/video of your conversation, so can the government.

You should review the laws for both your state and the federal government. I think you are going to be shocked at how wrong you are.

Comment Re:Wiretapping laws (Score 1) 160

The term "wiretap" doesn't literally mean "tapping an electronic communication". It refers to the general practice of eavesdropping on a conversation and is explicitly covered by New Jersey state statute N.J. Stat. 2A:156A-3, -4 and 18 U.S. Code 2511.
  So, yes, this is specifically covered under both state and federal wiretapping laws and neither of those make an exception for public spaces.

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