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Comment Re:So the farmer is merely renting the tractor? (Score 5, Insightful) 637

"Oh, sure, we'll fix it for free, but you have to bring it to our repair facility in Tucson. Oh, by the way, our single qualified technician is backlogged six months. If your crops can't wait six months, we do offer a premium value-added repair service that includes same-day onsite repairs..."

Comment Re:Wiretapping laws (Score 1) 160

It is public transit. There is no "wire" being tapped and your conversation is not private. If a person next to you can hear/see — and record — audio/video of your conversation, so can the government.

You should review the laws for both your state and the federal government. I think you are going to be shocked at how wrong you are.

Comment Re:Wiretapping laws (Score 1) 160

The term "wiretap" doesn't literally mean "tapping an electronic communication". It refers to the general practice of eavesdropping on a conversation and is explicitly covered by New Jersey state statute N.J. Stat. 2A:156A-3, -4 and 18 U.S. Code 2511.
  So, yes, this is specifically covered under both state and federal wiretapping laws and neither of those make an exception for public spaces.

Comment Re:Thank you 0.1-percenter! (Score 2) 317

So, your opinion is that the 0.1 percenter who has done more humanitarian work with his money that you could possibly dream of while you sit behind a keyboard and bitch about it should keep his mouth shut? I think I'd rather have him talk about his projects and why he stands behind his decisions. Honestly, I wish you'd make up your mind. You either want the billionaires to share their riches or you don't. You can't demand that they share and then complain when they do. I don't think he should have to apologize to you because he had a plan that you didn't like.

Comment Re:My Seiko Has 20 Years Uptime (Score 2) 59

A watch and a smart watch are two completely different things that serve different roles. While a smartwatch does tell time, that's generally not why people buy them. It's hardly fair to compare the two and then hold up the traditional watch as being superior simply because it never needs software updates.

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