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Comment Re:Always been doing it (Score 1) 105

You sell advertising. It's not always by using non-personally identifying information. That's the difference in this instance. *shrug*

I don't know why people think companies are always making shit up. Why would they "get around to it?" If they were doing it before without telling users, they'd still be doing it without telling users.

Comment If they go too far (Score 1) 103

If the Chinese go too far, people will sour on the whole idea of business. There will be a backlash. They'll have a communist revolution on their hands. Of course I've been making this joke for a while now...20 years seems about right. The insanity just keeps rolling along... like a tank.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 450

I'm a little surprised they aren't in a position to play hardball in some of these cases.

Probably complacency. If they feel that they are the only viable streaming service, they will feel no urgency to play hardball; after all, where are the customers going to go?

You and I know the answer, but Netflix' management obviously doesn't, vide the PR bullshit they spout on this news.

Comment Re:This is why my cousins all have New Holland gea (Score 1) 635

I had to scroll down way too far to find a post like this. While "nobody ever got fired" for buying a Deere, there are other combines out there. I found Agco first. You might be the odd man out at first, but if Deere is pissing you off that much, it looks like maybe not all equipment manufacturers are being dicks. My first thought was "Will overseas equipment makers please pick up the white courtesy phone".

Change takes time, but it can happen. I remember when nobody drove foreign cars and we made fun of Toyota drivers. For big ticket items like cars and tractors, it takes time; but if you make shit or treat people badly your business will suffer. Stop treating people badly while you still have a chance, Deere.

Comment Re:License to work (Score 2, Informative) 635

From South-Central Nebraska here, and you are massively full of crap. Sure, there are some mega-corp farms, and unfortunately more each year, as the smaller farmers ( 2000 acres) are getting decimated by things like this.

Sure, there are some rich farmers, but most are not.

But to say most are rich is complete crap.

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 0) 80

Not that he's dumb, but Penn Jillette has empowered manchildren in a pretty fun way. Libertarians love him, because he's a libertarian, but this is the same block who is so quick to cut down celebrities who express political views. In other words, you're getting your talking points from a financially successful magician.

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 2, Insightful) 80

Life isn't ideal. People know this. Maladjusted adults think there's some sweet action-movie style alternative, as opposed to the kind of domestic war power vacuum ad-nauseum that happens in places all around the world. So again, do you want to vote for the candidate that is most likely to preserve your way of life, even if you feel you've been wronged so badly by the system? Or the candidate that espouses the kind of thing you really want to hear because he knows you're not worldly enough to know it's just a Disney movie?

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