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Comment Re:How Active Does Development Need to Be? (Score 1) 512

Hey, I'm not trying to be aggressive, even though I'm too terse when I talk/speak.
WebKit browsers like Konqueror don't show up by default on SuSE, and really shouldn't anywhere. It doesn't mean it's useless and, due to the amazing modular nature of Plasma (yeah, I know) and Qt, I doubt it takes any significant resources.

I wasn't trying to imply Kontact serves every need (I checked and it doesn't seem to connect to it, but it does to Kolab), just saying that for many companies (which are SME outside rich countries like the US, so no money for Exchange) and for personal usage, it seems useful enough. I wasn't trying to compare to anything because it's not my area, and all I used from Exchange was mail, contacts and a personal agenda, which you can do anywhere.
I totally believe YMMV, and that bigger companies need it for some reason I'm not aware. I just wish people wouldn't throw so much money away to companies like MS and Oracle when they have no need to do so, that's all.

Comment Re:Post Bait. (Score 1) 512

Because Explorer had kio support, tabs, symlink creation, bookmarks, split view, single panel tree view, invert selection, useful multiple file rename, tagging, filtering, previews... oh wait, it still has none of that 21 years later.

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