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Comment Re:Useless for any occasion (Score 1) 417

<blockquote>- wasn't there a sniper at the University of Texas Austin campus back in the 60s? Everyone raced home and got their rifles, and the end result is there were more deaths from friendly fire than deaths caused by the sniper. In fact, a police officer who took down the sniper was nearly taken down himself from one such equipped student.</blockquote>

Nope. Charles Whitman shot and killed 14 people from the tower that day. There were 18 casualties total including Whitman himself, an unborn baby inside his first shooting victim, and Whitman's wife and mother who he murdered before the shooting spree. I have never heard any reports of civilian fire resulting in casualties.

When you say that a "police officer who took down the sniper was nearly taken down himself one such equipped student" -- you're probably getting the events wrong. When they entered the tower three police officers and one regular civilian (Allen Crum, age 40) went in. Crum negligently fired his rifle when they got to the top observation deck. The police provided the weapon to Crum.

Comment Re:Extra mechanics are rejected (Score 1) 417

If you mean the manual safety you flip on and off, yes, there were and are objections to them. You'll be hard pressed to find a police force in the US issuing a gun with a manual safety. Instead they use guns which have a double-action pull (at least on the first shot) or something kinda like that in the case of Glock which is not quite double-action but somewhat close.

Time and research has found that when under stress people forget to flick the safety off.

Comment Re:Had similar issues in NH, but we are winning a (Score 0) 77

a lot of liberty-minded individuals

That's a nice euphemism for 'a bunch of freeloaders who want all the advantages of a modern state but refuse to pay for it'. Don't believe me? Then why is the first reason the Free State Project puts up on its list taxes?

Nothing to do with freedom, unless it is the freedom to be a moocher on what others built.

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 3, Insightful) 419

One thing that /. users don't get is that while that may seem obvious to you, it's not obvious to everyone. That's why the law and regulations are constantly in search of trying to balance citizens from having to be experts about everything they buy/own/need. And the time honoured thought of "oh, only idiots will not do this, and idiots are people who deserve what happens to them" plays nicely into the hands of a dysfunctional society. If you have a "just world" mentality, that things happen to people *because* they deserve it, you may not get out enough.

Comment Re:There is still a way to get science out of this (Score 1) 111

It's an interesting idea; but even without googling I'm willing to bet the impact zone is too far from any active rover. Why? Because the impact zone is probably close to the planned landing, and they probably didn't plan to land too close to a rover. Why? Because they want to explore diverse areas, and because even a well controlled landing might hit a rover.

I'm willing to wager... uhhh... stupid Internet points that the impact zone is 1000 (one thousand) km or more from any active rover.

AFAIK, the rovers can't get that far in a reasonable time. The zone will be covered with dust again, and/or the rover will fail. They can't "book it", at least not yet. They drive these things like Cameron's father's car. They're orders of magnitude more precious.

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