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Submission + - F#'s Syme: Why functional languages are poetic 1

mr sanjeev writes: Don Syme, the developer of F# says he can see the poetry in in functional programming. "I've worked with many languages, from BASIC to assembly code. One of the last check-ins I made when implementing generics for .NET, C# and VB had a lot of x86 assembly code. My first job was in Prolog. I think programmers should learn languages at all extremes. Functional languages attract me because of their simplicity even when solving complex tasks. If you look through the code samples in a book such as F# for Scientists they are breathtaking in their elegance, given what they achieve. A good functional program is like a beautiful poem: you see the pieces of a 'solution' come together. Of course, not all programs end up so beautiful. It's very important that we tackle 'programming in the large' as well. That's what the object-oriented features of F# are for." And what languages should developers learn? "F#, Python, Prolog, Haskell, C# and Erlang!"

Submission + - Bruce Almighty: Schneier preaches to Linux newbs (computerworld.com.au)

mr sanjeev writes: In this interview Bruce Schneier has bagged out Microsoft for its insecurity, but has not said anything positive in particular about Linux and open source software. "The most important thing Linux has done to improve security is to be competition for Windows. Monopolies are complacent, and by being an alternative, Linux forces Microsoft to improve its own operating system." He also says that the largest cyber-threats to freedom and privacy in the future will come from Government and criminals. "Both are large threats, in different ways. The latter is more tactical; the former is more serious and more long term." http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;1891124482;pp;1

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