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Comment Re:Sounds like government is the predator (Score 1) 319

Well, actually this is a symptom of the first government act, Rent Control. The city needs to limit the use of the property by the renters, otherwise it ruins their first government market manipulation. Rent control claims to keep the housing cheap. But, if I as a renter, rent an apt at rent control rates and them sublet it to someone else at market rate, then I am taking advantage of the same market that the landlord is prohibited from taking advantage of. Also, now no one gets to live their cheap.

Everyone is back to paying market rates. Oh the humanity!

Comment Re:Fucking idiots (Score 1) 1532

First, it's completely corrupt to fund the entire budget in one bill. That is what allows all this pork in the process.

Second, the Republicans have not had a chance to end Obamacare. We all know that with only the power of one house of congress they cannot repeal it.

Third, the Republicans have passed a bill funding all the rest of the government except the ACA (Obamacare)


Obama says, "if you don't fund everything, then I won't allow the funding of anything." Seems like Obama is the one shutting down the government.

Seriously, this is a spending bill. The Republicans are within their rights to limit spending. (In this case, the ACA).. The Democrats are also within their power to say, "Well in that case I'm going to take my ball and go home." Not fund anything.

The Republicans ran on ending Obamacare. They won the House. The entire house was up for election. Only 1/3 of the Senate was up for election. They may have won the Senate too, if all members were up, but we'll never know. Anyway, seems the Rs have no choice, but to do what they were elected to do.

Comment I want the freedom to make a bad choice (Score 1) 694

I want neither, health insurance nor gov single payer. I want the freedom to pay my own way. The cost of health insurance, because of gov mandates, is too high to justify, if you are young and healthy. I should be allowed to make an adult decision, not to have health insurance. You can write me off if I get an extreme disease at a young age.

Gov single payer takes away my choice to just pay as I go. Gov should not be allowed to impose on your freedom in that way.

Most of your health care costs in life are in you later years. If you have your whole life to save for them, then you can make a decision to spend *your* hard earned money on things today, or on healthcare for later in life. It should be *your* choice. It's your hard earned money.

If you don't save, the gov should not take other peoples hard earned money, against their will, to save you.

If a charity wants to save the destitute, that's fine. No coercion is involved with charities.


Comment Re:I Smell Patent War (Score 1) 308

While I agree that it is in the consumer's best interest to have Apple open the store to all comers I don't agree that the FTC has legal grounds to slap them with fines (I know you didn't SAY that they had it - just sort of implied that maybe they could). Anyway, the lack of open access to the store is why I don't have an iPhone and instead waited and waited and waited and finally got a Droid (which I am thrilled with). It's also why anyone who cares about this type of issue shouldn't get an iPhone. We all talk about voting with our wallets. Some even practice it. But I sure see a lot of iPhones in the hands of folks who really (if they practiced what they preached) should have known better.

How do you feel about people who new better, bought the phone and jail-broke it?

Comment Re:"Paid more"? What about "needed to replace?" (Score 1) 172

My understanding was that the hardware vendors knew that because Microsoft had started to advertise Vista and that it would require better hardware, that no-one would buy any hardware until Vista was released.

That threatened to destroy a couple of quarters for HW manufacturers.

That's why they created the certification program. Seems like this is a matter of false advertising, if they sold systems that didn't actually run Vista.

Comment Re:So .... ponder this... (Score 1) 550

It's bad enough that large organizations like banks, insurance companies and webs sites have all this info on you. But the scariest thing is the fact that the Gov't can get hold of all of the databases and bring the info together all at once. Then they can build all kinds of mapping/statistical programs to monitor your lives either has groups or individuals.

So, much worse than any entity having information on you, the scary thing, is the one entity that can demand access to all other databases and merge the data together.

Comment Re:Opportunity Cost (Score 2, Funny) 474

But, there are a finite number of hours in a school day, and a finite amount of material that parents are willing to let their children learn before they complain that it interferes with the dozen after-school activities that the parents have scheduled.

Learning a 2nd/3rd language is a huge waste of time. What do you really learn by adding a list of words to your brain that is a copy of the words you already know, but in a different language?

Think of the opportunity cost of all thing other things you could have learned instead that would actually help you understand the world around you.

Just pick a language already, any language (does not have to be English). There would be so much saved effort in understanding each other and passing on knowledge between civilizations. Best of all, it would make it harder for politicians to say one thing to one group and something else to another, hiding it based on language differences.

Comment We should be allowed to choose (Score 1) 575

What do I not understand here? We buy insurance because we are uncertain about our future prospects, so we can't prepare for them. Insurance is providing a useful service, what's evil about that? Anyway, if testing is going to remove some or most of that uncertainty, we don't need insurance. Those who now now they are unlikely to get those diseases can now save the money to put toward their family, charity, etc. Those that now know that they are likely to have a disease, can adjust. They may choose to plan for these costs and save more, or they may plan to spend the money and enjoy what ever time they have. Why should the government come in and remove these choices from people. Why should you be forced to pay for your future healthcare costs if you don't want to. Or why should you be forced to pay for someone else. We should be allowed to choose. It's called freedom!
United States

Submission + - Debugging the US Constitution

P. Orin Zack writes: "Say you're fond of a massively multi-player real-world role-playing game that has run off the rails, and you want to fix it. What do you do? The ground rules of this game are public, and include a method of changing them. The activities within this game are governed not only by these ground rules, but also by in-game laws that are created by the players themselves. Time is limited, because the universe looks like it will soon crash and burn, and you cannot reboot the system.

I'm speaking of the real-life game that runs in an operating system called the US Constitution. The ground rules define a set of checks and balances, for example, but the programmers overlooked some issues, such as a check and balance pair that would enable the Governors of the several states to overrule perverse laws passed by Congress or defeat implementation by the Executive.

So my question for the community is this: if you could revise the rules in the Constitution to fix the problems which threaten to crash the system, what changes would you make?"

Submission + - registrars and customer service?!

An anonymous reader writes: 2 years ago I decided to try another line of work and dropped out of the computer world. I shut down my servers and gave notice to friends and family to quit using my business email addresses. I assumed any domain names I owned would not be renewed and put back in the pool. Fast forward to present day where I realize once a geek, always a geek and I now want to get back into my old business. I figured my old domains were gone but took a peek anyways, only to find that my main business domain name is still registered to me through my old registrar.

I thought "great, I'll just contact them, pay them up for all the time I was gone, and it'll all be good". Man, was I wrong. This is the response I received from them:

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately your account has been terminated, due to a violation of our Terms and Conditions (excessive non-payment). As a result, your data/domain(s) have been deleted/set to expire as appropriate. GIven these circumstances, we kindly ask that you seek services elsewhere, as our system will prevent you from doing so moving forward. We wish you the best in yoru future endeavors. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

I have 6 weeks until the domain is returned to the pool where we all know it will be snapped up in seconds. Why won't this registrar let me back pay them so my account is in good standing. I'm willing to put a valid credit card on file with them. The domain in question is a 5 letter .com, does that have anything to do with it?

I have not mentioned the domain name or registrar because I am not sure if slashdot would allow it, but I have no problem mentioning either.

Finally, I had already assumed my domain was gone. I had no idea what happened to it since the registrar was unable to contact me for the last couple of years because I unplugged my servers. I find it is still registered to me but I have no access to it nor will the registrar let me pay them up in full, nor even pay them in advance. The above letter was the first response I got from them. A little cold don't you think? What business would rather not take my money for the last couple of years and instead say good riddance? Is it possible that because this is a good 5 letter .com domain name, the registrar is speculating they can sell it for a lot more rather than let me continue to have it? Do I have any recourse?

Submission + - MIT Dean of Admissions Resigns in Lying Scandal

Billosaur writes: "CNN has a report that the Dean of Admissions at MIT has resigned her post after admitting to lying about her academic record. "Marilee Jones, who joined the staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1979 to lead the recruitment of women at the university, stepped down from her post after admitting that she had 'misrepresented her academic degrees to the institute,' according to a statement posted on MIT's Web site." The school had recently received information about her credentials and the subsequent investigation uncovered the misrepresentations. Question is, why did it take 28 years?"

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