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Comment Fix for H-1B (Score 1) 331

"The program was intended to serve employers who could not find the skilled workers they needed in the United States." Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible for ensuring that foreign workers do not displace or adversely affect wages or working conditions of U.S. workers. For every H-1B petition filed with the USCIS, there must be included a Labor Condition Application (LCA) (not to be confused with the labor certification), certified by the U.S. Department of Labor. The LCA is designed to ensure that the wage offered to the non-immigrant worker meets or exceeds the "prevailing wage" in the area of employment. ("Immigration law has a number of highly technical terms that may not mean the same thing to the average reader." [wikipedia]

Given the above, modify H-1B so that not only must the employer must pay H-1B positions 150% of the average wage rate for the position computed by DOL and pay an additional 50% of the wage rate (total 200% effective wage rate for each H-1B) into a fund for training displaced workers.

If there truly are no Americans who can do the job at 200% of the DOL wage rate, then employers should be happy to pay 200% to import the skilled labor they say they need.

Comment If I were to murder both Person A and Person B (Score 1) 161

And my stated reason for murdering both Person A and Person B was "I didn't like they way he looked," should the punishment be different? I should hope not.

But if Person B was a member of some racial minority and Person A was not, you would probably want to tack on some sort of racial hate crime even though my inner crazy criteria was "His left ear is bigger than his right, he must die."

Comment If it were only subsistence you're after (Score 1) 618

Even most die-hard Republicans are not heartless and don't really want people to starve in the street.

I doubt you'd have much of a fight in Congress if the solution to the foodstamp program's problems was to do something like provide free subsistence foodstuffs to anyone who asked where "free subsistence foodstuffs" would be a bag of rice and a bag of beans. All the daily calories met. Perhaps we enrich with some vitamins so that the RDA doses are met.

In such a program no one would ever have to go hungry; if they run out of rice and beans and are hungry, go get some more. In such a program, there's not much to abuse as there is little arbitrage value to a bag of rice or a bag of beans when anyone can get them for free. No one's going to be trading their free bag of rice for a pack of smokes.

Such a program provides the bare minimum for subsistence with respect to food, but will surely meet with howls from the liberals who will complain its not fair to poor people to have to eat only beans and rice! Poor people can't cook rice and beans without electricity or gas! Poor people should be able to buy steak, lobster, and potato chips just like everyone else!

A similar line of reasoning for housing. A dormitory situation with bunks for anyone who wants one, rice and beans included! You will be expected to contribute to basic chores needed to keep the dorms clean and functional and not commit crimes against your roommates. Imagine the outrage among the left.

Comment "But big money (eg. US corporations)" (Score 1) 993

Never forget that unions dominate political spending.

Top spending by outside organization in 2012 (

1 United Auto Workers $14,012,000
2 Service Employees International Union $13,261,412
3 National Education Assn $13,049,511
4 Specialty Group Inc $10,575,000
5 Republican Governors Assn $10,168,605
6 American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees $8,583,868
7 AFL-CIO $8,163,021
8 Environment America $7,396,994
9 Carpenters & Joiners Union $7,307,183
10 American Federation of Teachers $6,199,366
11 United Food & Commercial Workers Union $5,359,764
12 Laborers Union $4,689,984

Comment This is why CNN has had Libertarian towhnhalls (Score 1) 993

CNN has no interest in Libertarians. But they recognize that Hillary is seriously flawed and needs all the help the progressive media can throw her way.

They know that Gary Johnson will attract far more never-Trump Republican votes than never-Hillary feel-the-Bernistas. Absent the Libertarian ticket, plenty of never-Trumps would ultimately pull the lever for him anyway, given that the alternative is Hillary. CNN knows that pumping the Libertarian ticket may turn the tide.

So those never-Trump Libertarian votes may just be what turns the tide for Hillary, thanks to CNN.

I voted for Johnson last time, and L every time I've voted since Reagan, but have no illusions about the motives of CNN or the sudden surge of supposedly Libertarian voters, many of which are just never-Trump Republicans.

Comment Since 2015, it seems ID is free in California (Score 1) 279

At least in certain circumstances.

"Effective July 1, [2015] AB 1733 requires county recorders to issue free birth certificates to any person who demonstrates he or she is homeless. On Jan. 1, the law also will require the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue a free original or replacement identification card to anyone who can verify homelessness.

Comment "Though, really, in-person vote fraud..." (Score 0) 279

"Though, really, in-person vote fraud is likely to be peanuts "

Indeed, given the kind of fraud progressives want to think about as "in-person vote fraud", which is John Doe pretending to be John Smith to he can vote twice, mwah-hah-hah.

A far bigger and rational concern, given the number of people potentially involved, is non-citizens, especially illegal aliens, voting. I mean, the DNC has a number of known illegal aliens active on their Party committees, and even had them on stage during the convention. I won't be holding my breath waiting for anyone there to be prosecuted under Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) (e.g., domestic transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts). But I imagine that the DNC Party illegals will be right up a the front of the line to vote come election day. What would prevent them from voting?

Is it really asking too much that only legal citizens be permitted to vote?

Comment Clintons seem to have cornered Nixon's market (Score -1) 159

Whitewater. Troopergate. Paula Jones. Monica Lewinsky. Impeachment. Travelgate. Vince Foster. Juanita Broaddrick.

Clinton Foundation: bogus tax returns, pay-for-play, violations of State Dept rules on outside jobs, ...

Blumenthal. Benghazi. Huma Abedein's "special status" at State/Foundation/Teneo (not to mention her marriage to Anthony Weiner).

Clinton’s State Department Emails. Mishandling classified documents. Private email server.

DNC hack exposing dirty play by DNC. DCCC hack exposing?

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