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Comment Re:Rose tinted glasses (Score 1) 452

"From 1917 on, communists in Russia, China, and elsewhere confiscated, redistributed and collectivized private wealth, and set wages, leveling inequality on an unprecedented scale."

I'm sorry, but does anyone really think that "equality" from actions like this is a good idea? And this seems to completely ignore the fact that the populace largely was equal in their misery--when they were not being murdered by their governments--while the Politburo and Party hacks were "rich" (even if not monetarily, their lifestyles were thousands of times better than the average citizen).

Comment No, 1000 times no (Score 4, Interesting) 641

I feel bad for the father, but blaming the car his daughter was driving at 0.21 BAC is a non-starter. I don't care if it was a Pinto and she was going 80MPH in reverse when she hit the tree causing it to burst into flames.

It's not even clear that she'd be alive in a different car leaving him to "yell at her". Thankfully, the only person she murdered was someone stupid enough to get in the car with her.

If this progresses to a lawsuit against Tesla (which is not a company I have a lot of positive feelings for), it'll be another example of why we can't have anything nice. Stupid people seem intent on making the rest of society pay for their stupidity and we keep letting them, instead of letting them suffer the sometimes fatal consequences on their own.

Comment Question, is it deception? (Score 2) 594

"then seeking employment specifically for the purpose of promoting unionization has the following moral components: deceiving the owner[s] of the business (or by proxy, their agents) "

My first question is this "Did the employee in question in all other respects do the job he was hired for?" If so, then I wonder if the ulterior motive is immaterial. He did an honest day's work for the agreed upon wages and benefits, as he would be indistinguishable from an employee who had no ulterior motive but decided the day after he was hired to become union devotee.

OTOH, if all he did was get hired so as to have a way to spend time agitating for a union and didn't do the job he was hired for, then his motives are material.

We've seen similar cases where people got themselves at slaughterhouses just so they could report on violations and film animal abuse. It's interesting to see who is defending whom in both cases.

Comment Just curious, were you asking this of Tesla? (Score 1) 217

RENO — The massive Tesla battery factory being built in Northern Nevada will be a thirsty resident, with some preliminary estimates saying it will require the equivalent of nearly half of the groundwater rights allocated to its Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center neighborhood.

The project, the cherry atop Gov. Brian Sandoval’s economic development agenda to date, promises high-paying jobs and a diversification from a long-sagging gambling economy to one powered by high-tech manufacturing and technology.

But the $5 billion, 5 million-square-foot facility going up just down the road from Reno-Sparks in Storey County exemplifies the challenges of balancing economic growth with the availability of natural resources needed to sustain it.

State and local economic development officials say through smart use of technology and recycling the most precious resource — water — the region is up to the task.

Skeptics, while not opposed to the huge project per se, question whether there’s as much water as projected in the basin along the Truckee River to meet demands without harming the river and downstream users.

Comment Seriously, Pee Wee Herman type guy? (Score -1, Offtopic) 217

You know "Pee Wee Herman", but not "Sheldon Cooper" from the "Big Bang Theory"? Actor Jim Parsonshas won four Primetime Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, a TCA Award, and two Critics' Choice Television Awards for the role. The commercial leverages the Sheldon character without actually using it.

I suppose it's possible...just seems odd.

“BBT” – which has its season finale next week – averaged 8.4 million total viewers its first season. By the next year, that had grown to a cool 10 million. This year, in its ninth season, the show is averaging more than twice that, pulling in a whopping 20.3 million viewers per episode. (These and other numbers conform to Nielsen’s “most current” metric, which counts seven-day delayed viewing where available.)

That marks the fourth-straight year (fifth overall) “BBT” has been top comedy.

That puts “BBT” in the company of such classics as “Friends” (six seasons at No. 1 overall) and “Seinfeld” (four seasons).


Comment Re: No, he just dropped 26,000+ bombs (Score 1) 502

It's amazing how anyone being critical of Obama must be a conservative hawk. I voted for the Libertarian candidates both times Obama ran and both times Bush ran. Libertarians are not big on bombing people or starting wars (we do make a note, though, that pretty much every single prominent Democrat voted in favor of Bush's wars).

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