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Comment Maybe he would return (Score 4, Insightful) 540

Maybe he would return if our prison system focused on rehabilitation rather than abuse and over-revenge without any regard to the fact that released prisoners are angrier, less remorseful, and more evil?
Maybe he would return if the prosecutors saw the justice system as something other than a game they must win?

Why would anyone subject themselves or anyone else to our justice and prison system? Why would anyone subject anyone besides the worst violent criminals to it? It doesn't do anything but further scramble the criminal mind.

Comment Re: This is stupid (Score 1) 161

Every car needs to allow its audio to be interrupted by emergency vehicles. I mean what happens when there are level 4 or 5 autonomous vehicles? They will need to recognize and pull over when they see flashing lights approaching or hear sirens. Non-autonomous cars can have the same sensors built on the outside to detect emergency vehicles and when it detects an emergency vehicle it should reduce volumes to a reasonable level
and maybe say "emergency vehicle approaching from behind".

Comment Re:The answer is to stop thinking all or nothing (Score 1) 466

Yes I have known about this -- thats why I am strongly in favor of nuclear fusion and cheapening solar energy research so we can detox the atmosphere.
But the problem is that generating fuel from atmospheric, algae, or plant sources will be more expensive than opening a valve on a pipe stuck the ground until we actually run out of oil which may take hundreds of years.

People will always choose the cheapest alternative.

We can come up with cheap ways to generate electricity .. but we also need a better way to store it. Unless we can fit a fusion reactor inside a car (not foreseeable) or allow nuclear fission based RTGs (formerly used in space probes) in vehicles (good luck getting the DMV to approve that).

Comment Batteries (Score 3, Insightful) 466

We still don't have batteries! I'm serious I forgot to buy some at Safeway the other day.

No well seriously, we don't have batteries that can enable us to replace gasoline. We need to improve capacity at least 4x, if not 10x.

Some say the answer is Lithium-Air batteries .. but then hardly anyone is doing any research on order-of-magnitude battery technology improvement .. let alone Lithium Air. Whoever is doing research on new battery concept has virtually no funding. The ones getting slight funding are the people working on incremental updates.

We need companies like Tesla, Google, Apple, Samsung, Panasonic to get serious in funding a foundation or institute that researches advanced battery concepts. Battery research funding budget should be in the billions not thousand.

Comment Ethics (Score 1) 85

Pop culture? Seriously? Apparently we are willing to pay more and more for moral degradation and the promotion of selfishness. Have we no shame? Anyway, I'm glad there's someone out there making money off it. What a great contribution to the world and all of humanity you have made, Mr. Iovine. If not to the world, at least yourself. That oughta be worth something.

The thinking people of the world have failed.

Comment Re:What about what Apple stole? (Score 1) 81

How is it questionable? What a frail attempt at discrediting my factual statements. Which of my statements is provably false? Are you saying Philips did not invent kinetic scrolling on a touchscreen before Apple? Just google it. Are you saying the myOrigo phone didnt have landscape/portrait mode switching? Again, google it .. you'll see many old articles reviewing that phone.

Check the dates on any of the ideas or inventions I listed.

Comment What about what Apple stole? (Score 4, Insightful) 81

Finger scrolling on a touchscreen --- Stolen from IBM, US Patent 6278443
Kinetic scrolling on a touchscreen -- Stolen from Philips
Magnetic connector -- Stolen from Japanese appliance manufacturer
Landscape/portrait mode change based on phone orientation -- Stolen from the touchscreen myOrigo phone made in Finland
Browser Task switcher look & feel -- Stolen from Nokia
Large touchscreen phone idea -- stolen from me

That's not mentioning the wholesale lifting of the idea of cell phones, smartphones, and apps from Motorola, Blackberry, and others.

Comment Re: Threshold (Score 1) 406

I am a big proponent of Universal Basic Income. But the more I think about it, the more likely it is that automation will actually create more jobs than deplete them --especially for the educated. Humans have yet to colonize the planets and space. If manual labor is automated, we can focus more on building better homes, better architecture, colonizing space, educating ourselves in the sciences and in philosophy. There WILL be jobs in all these areas. There is no technology that depleted jobs. The calculator didn't deplete accountant or mathematician jobs. AutoCAD didn't make the engineer obsolete. The backhoe didn't eliminate the ditch digger's job. It helped us build more roads. You still need someone to decide how wide the road should be, you still needed someone to drive the backhoe. If the backhoe is automated we will be able to build roads and canals in the deserts of the would. We could build solar or nuclear powered desalination plants. We could irrigate the Sahara desert. We could build housing, schools, nursing homes, hospitals. You are telling me that wouldn't create jobs? We still have millennia ahead of us in terms of what we can do just in the solar system. The only danger is that willfully uneducated people -- people with no desire to investigate and learn anything will get in power.

I do fear the rise of the willfully uneducated masses whose selfish emotion biased opinions will rule. I hope I am wrong about the educated population depleting, and maybe all humans will be motivated to participate in learning.

Comment Re: Prior Art? (Score 2) 75

Apple patented magnetic connectors which Japanese appliance manufacturers had been doing for years. The Japanese had been putting magnetic connectors on Rice Cookers, Toasters, and Irons for a few years, then Apple patented the idea of putting using it on a laptop.

In the early 90s, IBM had patented finger scrolling web pages on touchscreen monitors. Apple filed for a patent on finger scrolling on a touchscreen only smartphone display and got it.

My suggestion is that someone patent the idea of putting magnetic connectors on a laptop that contains an ultra high resolution screen or more than 2 TB of SSD.

I can prove that in 2005 (two years before the iPhone launched) I stated on slashdot that touchscreen phones with large displays would sell. Needless to say everyone thought it was a dumb idea, except maybe Steve Jobs. ââ

I am still waiting for my check from Apple and Samsung.

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