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Comment Re:If you can't mandate English in England.. (Score 1) 139

But that's the thing, Uber already has a pretty good system for weeding out non-English speakers.[...] The real issue is that many people hate Uber (many Uber drivers included) and this supposed test is just a way to stick it to Uber in the UK and reduce its workforce.

That makes no sense.
If Uber already weeds out non-English speakers, Uber will not be affected by this ruling, so the Uber workforce will not be reduced.
If the Uber fworkforce is being reduced due to this ruling, it means that a substancial part of the Uber workfoce doesn't speak English well enough, which means that Uber does not have a 'pretty good system' to weed out non-English speakers.

Comment Re:Echo (Score 1) 142

The Echo animates a bright blue light rimming the top of the device when it hears the trigger keyword and begins recording.

The English language reports on this case unfortunately leave out quite a few details.

The doll has some LED light that is supposed to show when it is recording, just like the Amazon Echo. But this LED on the doll is unreliable and often does not worke. Plus, the LED can even be deactivated in the app used to control the doll. And that is against a law here in Germany that makes concealed recording devices illegal.

Comment Re:It looks like FitBit is targetting me (Score 1) 101

Well, there is the Omate Roma, which I had on pre-order. But Omate f***ed up and forgot my order, and when I asked they had no more Romas in stock and had to refund my money.

Thinking about it, this seems to be a running thread with me and smartwatched. GuessI should just stop thinking about smartwatches at all. Seems that for me this can only end in tears...

Comment It looks like FitBit is targetting me (Score 1) 101

First I supported the last Pebble Kickstarter for a smartwacht, only to be told that (parts of) Pebble were bought by FitBit and my pledge refunded.
Ok, I thougth, let's buy something else. Like the Vector Luna. Now FitBit bought Vector and thus damned my smartwatch to a slow, agonizing death. How long will the servers run that the app ontacts to download watchfaces, streams and apps?

Comment Re: How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

Just because real victims exist, that doesn't negate the existence of people who would use that status falsely.

But the existence of 'professional victims' can not be an excuse to take nobodys claims serious.
Just because there is some fake money in circulation doesn't mean that you don't accept any money at all, or do you?

Comment Re: Germany has way more problems than Facebook (Score 1) 321

What doesn't amuse germans is that we had a bunch of rape & kill crimes (needless to mention all the robbery and assault) done by refugees since then.

What doesn't amuse other Germans like me is that those case are blown out of proportion. Sexual assault is unfortunately something that happens every day in Germany. But because it happens so often, it is usually not reported (or only in local new papers/on local stations).
But when the perpetrator is not called Hans but Mohammed, certain news outlets think that they need to report it nationally and that creates the incorrect impression that refugees or foreigners are much more likely to commit such crimes.

Comment Re:LOL Germany (Score 3, Insightful) 321

Protip, German cluetards: Quite aside from the personal liberty issue you're blowing so badly here, it's always better to let the crazies sing, dance, speechify, and wear silly outfits. This way everyone knows who they are and you don't end up getting blindsided by some bastard(s) percolating in their own repressed hate for just a little too long.

Yeah, right. Except, that's what we did in the 1920s: Lete everybody say everything they want. And that allowed extremists like Hitler to amass a strong following and take over the government and transform the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich.

You know, there's a reason we changed our laws after WWI and then again after WWII: We learnt from our mistakes and are trying to not repeat them. Letting hate speech go unchecked is NOT the way to a less extrem society.

Comment Re: calixit (Score 1) 1368

So you think the people who grow your food, build the things you buy and deliver them to your door ... Those are the people you insult, degrade, and cast out?

Your pathetic and ignorant ass is alive because those people allow you to eat some of the food they grow. Cut them off, and you'll starve in a week.

Pretty much the same could be said about the immigrants (legal or illegal) and the Chinese and Mexicans that those people in the rural areas like to complain about...

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