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Comment Re: calixit (Score 1) 1368

So you think the people who grow your food, build the things you buy and deliver them to your door ... Those are the people you insult, degrade, and cast out?

Your pathetic and ignorant ass is alive because those people allow you to eat some of the food they grow. Cut them off, and you'll starve in a week.

Pretty much the same could be said about the immigrants (legal or illegal) and the Chinese and Mexicans that those people in the rural areas like to complain about...

Comment Re:The Fourth Reich is Rising! (Score 1) 179

Fun fact: The laws in question here have been pretty much unchanged in 60 years.
And Germany had 60+ years of (relative) peace. If you look at the history of Germany and western Europe, you will see that 60 years of peace is almost unheard of.

The current laws in Germany are not perfect. But they are based on the experiences we Germans made in the 100+ years leading up to the formation of our current state. Everything we learned from the horrors of the Third Reich, the deficiencies of the Weimar Republic, the imperialism of the German Empire and further back.
And the result is not perfect, but better than everything we had before.

Comment Re:but of course (Score 1) 179

Germany's banning of even discussing Nazism is foolish at best.

How about you first learn what exactly is banned in Germany before you judge?
Discussing Nazism is NOT forbidden. Forbidden is glorifying the Nazis and the Third Reich or denying facts like the existence of concentration camps or that the Holocaust happened.

Comment Re:Why we never should handed over control of DNS (Score 1) 179

A more honest way would be to admit that Germany is embarrassed by its past and so it tries to whitewash history and pretend that Hitler, and everything associated with him, never existed. What better way to do that than prohibit anyone from talking about it.

Except that's not what happens. Talking about Hitler and the Third Reich is not forbidden. Students learn about it in history class. There are exhibits in museums, at sites of former concentration camps, books are written, films are shot, and more.

What's forbidden is GLORIFYING what Hitler and the Nazis did. Or denying that the Holocaust happened.

Comment Re:Shouldn't they sue paper manufacturers? (Score 1) 179

No, thats not equal.

Once the paper leave the manufacturing plant, the paper manufacturers don't have any control over what happens with their paper.
But Facebook can control what messages are distributed using their services. And they do: They are fast to remove anything they consider erotic by the somewhat prude US standards, but they lag when it comes to complying with actual laws of the countries they are active in.

Comment Re:You know... (Score 1) 103

You consider $79 cheap?
A replacement battery for a phones usually costs something like $10-$20. Replacing a battery should take maybe 10 minutes on a phone that is not especially designed to make replacing the battery hard. So you're paying more than $60 for 10 minutes of work. That's not cheap.

Comment Re:Every intelligent person (Score 3, Insightful) 517

Or appointing governments to run countries that are not elected by the people.

Can you give an actual, real-world example for the EU appointing some country's government?

The fact that most pro-EU remain voters after the referendum reacted with predictable "well that vote didn't count" or "let's have a do over!" should have come as no surprise to anyone.

Yeah... except that the petition for a do-over was opened by a pro-Leave voter and opened BEFORE the referendum.
But why should facts matter, right?

If everyone wanted that a majority of the population would not have voted to leave.

Um... you're assuming that everyone was fully informed and aware of all the consequences while voting.
But we heard enough voices of people who voted leave and then started to realize what benefits they're getting from the EU that they might lose.
People change their mind all the time.

EU memebership benefitted some aspects of society in the UK, but impacted a lot of people negatively. It's really good for the rich and powerful though so you don't often hear about the rest of it.

Cornwall are the rich and powerful?
The farmes who need the subsidies are rich and powerful?
The scientists that may loose funding are rich and powerful?

You are certainly -ful of something...

Comment Re:Every intelligent person (Score 2) 517

In the meantime we've just been getting on with it, the sky has yet to fall, the sun still rises most morning and dogs and cats have yet to work out their interpersonal issues.

You are aware that the UK has yet to leave the EU, right?
The real problems will arise once the connections are severed and the UK has to stand on it's own.

Comment Re:For reference (Score 2) 621

3) To negotiate better-than-average trade deals

You're lying to yourself if you think than one single country can negotiate better trade deals than a block of 28 countries. When negotiating it matters how powerful you are compared to the other party, and the EU is stronger than the UK on it's own.

And regarding your other points: We'll see about 'membership fees' and controlling immigration when you are going to ask to get access to the EU market. You can't have the benefits without the obligations. If you believe the BS that Farage and Johnson promised then I feel sorry for you.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 2, Insightful) 621

I take it that you like people you never voted for or have heard of in a foreign country (Belgium in this case) decide what you have to do, too?

There are the same old lies again..
The British public did elect people into the European Parliament.
They did not elect the commissioners, just as they did not elect the British foreign secretary (or whatever it's called), because you usually don't elect people in the administration.

Before the British complain about the supposedly undemocratic EU, they should clean their own house and get rid of the House of Lords, who's members are not elected but appointed.

Comment Re: End of Great Britain? (Score 1) 1592

Hillary at least knows her Libya from Lithuania. Slovenia from Slovakia. Belgium from Brussels (hint: one is a city, the other a state). And she understands the concepts of working with others (say: NATO) and the value of compromises.

Trump would be drunk on power. Couple that with his believes that he is a good business man and knows how to do shit, when politics are in fact a lot different than business, and the world could be in deep trouble.

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