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Comment Re:USB, people ... USB (Score 1) 656

USB-IF can't persist in this if they don't want to have an anti-trust suit.

The antitrust exemption would have to be judged as invalid:

  4302. Rule of reason standard
In any action under the antitrust laws, or under any State law similar to the antitrust laws, the conduct of--
(1) any person in making or performing a contract to carry out a joint venture, or
(2) a standards development organization while engaged in a standards development ac- tivity,
shall not be deemed illegal per se; such conduct shall be judged on the basis of its reasonable- ness, taking into account all relevant factors af- fecting competition, including, but not limited to, effects on competition in properly defined, relevant research, development, product, proc- ess, and service markets. For the purpose of de- termining a properly defined, relevant market, worldwide capacity shall be considered to the extent that it may be appropriate in the circum-

Comment Re:Playing pirated games will cause you do die (Score 1) 1016

The comment was about "IP Crime" in general, not video game copy protection circumvention.

The health and safety risks are from counterfeit drugs and Underwriter's Laboratories stickers. Food full of melamine with Purina or Kraft on it that consumers trust. Lawnmowers with Honda labels and deadman levers that fail unsafe or leak gas.

Conflating trademark infringement/counterfeiting with copyright infringement (or in this case facilitating but not inducing or committing) is pretty lame, though ultimately, it seems that technical measures such as forging a digital signature could lead to risks such as Therac-25. For instance counterfeit Bosch ABS units that even appear to have Bosch firmware.

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