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Submission + - OnStar Begins Spying on Customers' GPS For Profit (zdziarski.com)

PainMeds writes: This article by author Jonathan Zdziarski reveals that OnStar has recently updated their terms and conditions to allow the company to sell customer GPS coordinates (the whereabouts of your vehicle), vehicle speed, and other information to third party marketers and analytics companies, where it could be used for a number of nefarious purposes.

Submission + - HTC Buys Patents from Google, Sues Apple with Them (bloomberg.com)

AlienIntelligence writes: Apparently to stay viable in the IP wars, HTC secured some patents from Google (who purchased them originally from Palm Inc., Motorola Inc. and Openwave Systems Inc.) on the 1st of September.

The patents were used to fire a new salvo of shots across Apple's bow today, September 7th.

HTC filed infringement claims against Apple in federal court in Delaware, suing based on four of those patents that originally were issued to Motorola. Additional complaints were filed with the US ITC based on the other patents.

Comment Re:Privacy, BS (Score 1) 164

This is forced on Google because people concerned about "the children" passed laws that forbid internet companies to collect any information about people under 13. Once you told Google you were under the age of 13, they were legally required to delete any information they had on you.

Submission + - Amazon 'One-Click' Too Obvious For EU Patent (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "The European Patent Office has again rejected Amazon's patent application for its 'one-click' ordering system, saying the use of cookies in Amazon's system was too obvious. 'In view of the indexing function of cookies, the skilled person would have realized that any sensitive data traditionally requiring a login could be accessed by cookies,' according to the EPO ruling. 'The obvious trade-off between the two processes, namely security vs. simplicity, cannot establish an inventive technical contribution.'"

Comment Fortunately redirecting through Yahoo still works. (Score 5, Informative) 250

Just sign into yahoo using your facebook account and it will even create a throw away yahoo acount for you and import all of your facebook friends as contacts. Then just export those contacts into a vcf and import them into a contact group in gmail. (Or import them directly into G+).

Submission + - Google Launches Google+ To Battle Facebook (mashable.com)

Mightee writes: "Google has finally unveiled Google+, the company’s top secret social layer that turns all of Google into one giant social network.

Google+, which begins rolling out a very limited field test on Tuesday, is the culmination of a year-long project led by Google Senior Vice President of Social Vic Gundotra. The project, which has been delayed several times, is — without doubt — Google’s answer to Facebook."


Submission + - Lodsys ignores Apple, sues iOS developer (edibleapple.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Well that was quick. Just one week after targeted iOS developers felt they were in the clear after Apple issued a strongly worded response to Lodsys over alleged claims of patent infringement, the patent troll has decided to move forward with its plans regardless and has filed suit against iOS developers.

Submission + - Passerby Arrested For Cracking Joke (villagevoice.com)

cobracommand0 writes: We all know that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, but who knew it could land you a "move directly to jail without passing go" roll in the game of life? New York City's War on Bikes results in some collateral damage as a sarcastic passerby gets the attention of an alpha male cop, who promptly calls in the cavalry and arrests him for "harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest."

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