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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 161

Rise of Nations is a great RTS that I still play regularly. It incorporates some elements from Civilization (like only being able to build in territory you control), has 18 nations with unique units and abilities, and a few 'conquer the world' campaigns. An updated version is available on Steam for $20 (US), but it goes on sale for $5 from time to time.

Comment Re:I know it's fun to make fun of Homeopathy (Score 1) 309

They've announced they've discontinued sale of the product in the US, but they aren't pulling the product from store shelves. There was no mention about discontinuing sale in Canada and Australia, where they also operate, but the 'where to buy' page on their site does not list the teething gel/tablets in the drop down list of products you can search for in those countries.

Comment Re:interesting; moves on trump, but not on Putin (Score 2) 745

So, exactly why is this moved now, and why is this blamed on Trump?

Because the president of the United States has gone on record saying he doesn't believe global warming is real and supports nuclear proliferation? This is likely to have serious implications for efforts to fight these two global threats.

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 524

but at least they got their audience right, idiots that cant figure out the slightest thing, and they pay the premium for it too!

So... a product that doesn't require knowledge of the underlying system and just works smoothly and quietly while the user can just focus on what they actually bought the product for? Yeah, those Mac users are real suckers--I can't believe they actually think that sort of thing is worth paying extra for!

Less sarcastically, if I buy a car, I don't want to have to learn mechanic skills and spend time constantly tweaking things to keep it running smoothly. I just want to put in gas and drive. In addition to that, at most, I need perform minor maintenance or pay someone a small fee to do so--and when the car needs some, it tells me! Why are Mac users idiots and suckers for wanting that sort of experience with their computers?

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