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Comment Incorrect Summary (Score 5, Informative) 145

The appeals court not only agreed that the user's suspension by Facebook constitutes censorship, but the ruling itself negates Facebook's insistence that all legal challenges take place in its native California.

According to the article, the court didn't say anything about the alleged censorship. It just ruled that the clause in Facebook's terms and conditions that all lawsuits had to take place in California was invalid.

Comment Shirt (Score 3, Funny) 252

"What Evans apparently doesn't realize is that because of the thermal inertia of the oceans, within narrow bounds we can already predict what global temperatures will be in 2019, 2024, and 2029. And David Evans is going to lose his shirt."

Well, at least losing the shirt will make it easier to withstand the higher temperatures.

Comment Re:What could go wrong? (Score 2) 168

Exactly. No, this won't stop an attack by agents trained and funded by a foreign government or a high tech genius, but it isn't intended to. What it's meant to do is prevent someone off the street from throwing down some money, getting a drone, and flying it into a plane or restricted building, and the value of that is enormous.

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