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Comment Re:Content an issue, location not (Score 1) 507

I didn't mean normal travel - his location is obvious then. I mean situations like transfers from military airport to hotel enclave or similar. Usualy there are procedures in place so nobody really knows what route will his limo take. Sometimes there are decoy limos etc. Having a hacked phone in his pocket makes him an easy target if somebody wishes to... I bet Russians and Chinese are sitting on his phone already.

Comment Thunderbird is barely usable (Score 1) 47

Thunderbird is barely usable. It has 10 y.o. bugs making it crash and corrupt local database. It also has 5 y.o. bugs related to handling IMAP protocol and headers.

For open-source email client I don't see any need to use Thunderbid anymore. Need to run your own email service? Use open source server software and decent open source webmail client plus open source mobile client. Thunderbird? No thanks.

Comment Re:Great and all, but I think local email is dying (Score 1) 47

> I am the only person I know who uses a local email client, rather than gmail

Local email client is just a client for service. You know that you can use gmail with your local email client right? Gmail on the other hand is an ISP - exactly the same as in old days of using email client software. It is just like that today people prefer to use webmail over dedicated client. Well in fact they prefer to use their mobile email client (usually GMail) but still...

> The idea of email that isn't used as profiling material for one of the biggest
> advertising companies on the planet appears to be dead.

I doesn't. You can get email from like hundreds of other ISPs and it tends to work. Hell - you can even run your own email server!

> Along with it, as collateral damage, the idea of end-to-end encryption

WTF are you talking about? You can use GMail with end-to-end encryption. Just enable IMAP access and use whatever encryption scheme and whatever client you like...

Comment How stupid is he really? (Score 1) 507

This guy is POTUS. Lots of people would like to kill him. His unsecured phone can reveal his location when - for example - he travels through not so nice countries. Is he so stupid not to understand that this phone basically targets him? When he uses secret service issued phone he can be at least sure that some guy in AT&T (or whatever he is using for his private phone) won't give up his location or other data for small sum of money?

Comment What for you need QHD on mobile phone display? (Score 1) 21

What for you need QHD on mobile phone display? Maybe for VR but other purposes? Why? Processing power for such display is significant - so significant that you can disable it to conserve battery which is a MOBILE phone most valuable resource. So wny? Why QHD in mobile? What is the use case for that?

Comment Windows 10 which edition? (Score 1) 172

I don't really love Microsoft or Windows. Actually I am professionaly an Linux Support Specialist so mind you.

I use Windows 10 and all browsing I am doing on Windows is from Chrome. I have never seen any ad on my Windows 10 nor any nagging to use MS Edge. Maybe it is related to the fact that I am using Pro version of Windows? Or what? I read all that Windows 10 bashing and quite frankly I find it better than Windows 7...

Comment Re:Check out Huawei Fit (Score 1) 193

Well for sleep activity I use Xiaomi Mi Band 1S (the 2 version is to big and I don't need display) because I find it inconvenient to sleep with my watch and I could hurt my girlfriend with it (Pebble Time Steel is quite big). It does its job very well (sleep tracking) and is just a little silicone strap. Oh and it lasts 30-45 days on single charge (!).

Now for notifications and varius interactions with my smartphone I own Pebble Time Steel (since it lasts 10 days on battery). I've supported it from the start on KickStarter back in early 2012. I've got mine with "Kickstarter Edition" engraved on the envelope and later I've supported Pebble Time Steel. It could be better but for me Pebble was the best smartwatch on market.

To bad they just fucked me over.

Now this Huawei Fit technically is the closest to Pebble and my requirements. Just lacking apps and some functionality which IMHO could be implemented.

Comment Different product (Score 2) 133

According to Ars Technica it is different product

Visual Studio for Mac isn't, in fact, Visual Studio at all. Instead, it's the latest iteration of Xamarin Studio, the cross-platform C# development environment that Microsoft inherited when it bought Xamarin, developers of cross-platform .NET-based mobile development tools, last year.

These are two very different products, and the real Windows Visual Studio is the more capable product.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 2) 48

> Chrome is the new above-board "virus" being shoved on everyone as unwanted
> bundle-ware along with anything they download,

Hardly everyones. I haven't seen any Chrome bundled with apps on Mac nor Linux, maybe it is a Windows thing but nah... And hardly anything. To be hones last time I've seen Chrome bundled with installer was AFAIR with Avast Antivirus on Windows and it is probably a good thing to include Chrome with AV on Windows since it is way more secure than IE.

> [Chrome performance compared to Fx]

Wow! First time I see somebody complaining about Chrome performance as compared to Fx. For me Fx is a cow by YMMV. Usual complaint about Chrome is Google data policy about users...

Comment Lay summary of mechanism from actual paper (Score 1) 711

The paper suggests the mechanism towards the end. I'm not a physicist, but here's my summary (I'm sure full of errors, but I think this is roughly what they're proposing):

The paper attributes development of this engine to developments along the de Broglie-Bohm pilot wave interpretation of Quantum Mechanics as opposed to the Copenhagen interpretation of Bohr and Heisenberg, which is more generally accepted. ( Einstein, for instance, never accepted Copenhagen.. famously saying God doesn't play dice). Their approach is called the "pilot-wave" hypothesis (nice simulation here, where a wave and a particle are both epiphenomenon of certain resonant frequencies (Chladni patterns/Faraday waves) in a more complex base wave (as in the video). This base wave is a normal acoustic wave in the "medium", but it wasn't understood for a long time what that medium could be. After all, the "ether" of the 1700-1800s had been rejected. Now, they're saying the medium is quantum foam, which is some electron-positron bubbling that it seems just permeates space (also responsible for zero-point energy/casimir effect), and that's what is responding to the photons in the chamber. The chamber reflects microwaves (photons of a certain frequency) back and forth, and in one direction they "push" harder than the other, due to expansion and contraction controlled by the shape of the chamber. By analogy, it's like paddling in water; you put the paddle in the water in one direction, and move it back through the air in the other; in both directions you're moving through a medium, but you control it so that you impart more momentum in one than the other. Except instead of paddle in water and air, here the momentum transfer is from the microwave photons to the electron-positron foam permeating space. That's why no propellent is needed.. it's pushing against something that's really there, in the chamber and all around. So, space isn't empty and we can row our space boats through it.

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