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Comment Either... (Score 1) 11

You know, sometimes I read your journals and say: "There's no way that actually happened" and then I look at my own life and realize that while yours looks like a cartoon, mine looks like a very silly sit-com (with me being the genre savvy and 4th wall breaker character).

Either way, you're a fantastic writer, we're still waiting for the Paxil Diaries in print, a signed copy would be awesome.

Submission + - Stem Cells curing blindness

mcgrew writes: The AP (via Yahoo) is reporting that the Italians can now cure blindness caused by chemical burns using the patient's own stem cells. Previously, this kind of injury needed either a corneal transplant or stem cells from someone else, both of which are plagued by problems with tisue rejection.

Unfortunately, this only works for damaged corneas — so far.

Comment In Greg Egan's Diaspora... (Score 1) 6

... the sentient aliens they manage to find are 12 dimensional (as opposed to 3 dimensional, like us) squids living in a simulation made by a biological computer made from the oceans floor.

I actually think that if sentient intelligent alien life exists, it would be closer than that than something you could see here in the earth.

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 594

Considering that (according McGrew) with the minimum wage in America is actually faster to pick up a penny in a street rather than working for it, I wouldn't toss it in the trash as well.

I do keep a bottle with $70 MX in 10 cents coins just to amuse myself and people entering my room.

Comment Re:well... (Score 1) 9

Once you become a famous writer from The Paxil Diaries your birthday is going to be in your Wikipedia entry, and also you will become a juicier target for ID theft.

Comment Re:Linux without CD (Score 1) 6

Checking the link I gave you, there's already a tool to do it with Instlux with openSUSE.


openSUSE centric, Instlux is included on the openSUSE media. Just run the openSUSE_NET.exe at the root of the media to get started !

However, since you would still need to have the CD, I _think_ you could just download the ISO and mount it as a CD Drive with something like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% (or copy the contents to a USB key... maybe)

Anyway, I would try with the self boot USB key first.

Comment Linux without CD (Score 1) 6

For installing Linux without a CD or DVD, you can use an USB key with a bootable image, however, your netbook must be able to boot from an USB device (usually a setting on the BIOS), also, you could borrow an external DVD drive, but you still need to be able to boot from an USB device.

Boot from LAN could work as well, never done it tho. Again, you would need to check if the netbook is capable of booting from the network.

There's a tutorial on how to install Linux without any removable media, I can't vouch for it but I would give it a try: Install GNU/Linux without any CD, floppy, USB-key, nor any other removable media

If you don't care about warranties, you can open the netbook, extract the hard drive and install Linux in another laptop (I'm assuming that netbook hard drives use the same connector as a regular laptop)

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