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Comment Re:Smartphone size? (Score 1) 505

I agree with the sentiment, but using a 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm adapter on a phone is an absolutely horrible experience, especially if you're putting the phone in your pocket. You end up making a gigantic lever (length of the entire 3.5 mm plug + length of most of the 2.5 mm plug + extra length from adapter) that is acting on the little 2.5 mm socket in the phone. If you don't do damage to the phone (which I did, then repaired, then did again on my old Nokia phone), the whole thing is still super annoying to have in your pocket.

Like it or not, the 3.5 mm plug is going to be here for a while. We can either tolerate a slow transition to a better design (like we did with the 1/4" TRS to 3.5 mm TRS plugs) or come up with lower profile 3.5 mm sockets. You can make a 3.5 mm socket that is equal to, or smaller than, 3.5 mm at the cost of a little structural support. Let's try that.

Comment Re:It's Heartbreaking you're not in Jail (Score 1) 482

Sorry, no, they've consistently failed to make it *stick*. They've proved plenty.

That's not going to prevent Hillary from being the next POTUS.

Which should scare the shit out of you, regardless of your political affiliation. The state of affairs in this country isn't pretty.

Comment Re:Is this available to the US also? (Score 1) 360

For the sake of clarity, his stance appears to be all over the place:

...some foreigner who did nothing for the US, and in fact, won't do anything for the US once they take their money away and return home, later on.. don't deserve more rights or even the same rights as those who are invested here and who are part of this country, for the long-run. long after you leave, the rest of us will still be here, picking up the pieces you left behind.

Being anti-immigrant, especially anti legal immigrant, in the US is pretty ridiculous but having issues with the abuse of guest worker programs is not ridiculous. I don't mean to defend his post, whatever it was he was trying to say. I just don't like the constant use of the term "immigration" to describe the importation of temporary guest workers. It's often deliberately used to label critics of these programs as racist or hypocritically anti-immigrant and shut the debate down early. I realize now that you weren't trying to do that and I apologize for the accusation.

Comment Re:Is this available to the US also? (Score 1) 360

I posted another comment on this upthread, but his tirade seemed to be focused on guest workers and not immigrants (as evidenced by, "...won't do anything for the US once they take their money away and return home, later on").

Immigrants have some implied ownership of a country once they express a sincere desire to remain there and especially once they've obtained citizenship. Guest workers are just that, guests, and shouldn't be treated as if they have equal stake in a country's affairs.

Comment Re:Is this available to the US also? (Score 1) 360

You're (deliberately?) conflating guest worker programs with immigration. Immigrants, even illegal immigrants, intend to stay in a country and therefore gain some ownership of that country. Guest workers arrive to collect some money then go back to the place that they truly feel allegiance to.

The GP wasn't entirely clear in his tirade, but he seemed to be talking about guest workers and not immigrants. The very concept of guest worker programs is problematic for every party involved and shouldn't be nearly as commonly used as they are. Indeed, outside of the US they're much more rarely used.

Comment Re:PC gaming is not hard (Score 1) 729

A disturbingly high number of PC games are just console ports anyway, so they won't make use of any high end PC hardware that you have (fast multicore CPUs or lots of memory), except for the GPU. If you take just about any PC made in the last five years that has a regularly sized case and drop a $200 graphics card in it, you can play most games at fairly high settings.

My "gaming PC" is eight years old, except for the recently upgraded GPU, and I play every single game I've tried the maximum settings. Most games play smoothly and only partially (100%) use one or (maybe) two cores and a small fraction of the RAM.

Comment Re:Environmental impacts? (Score 2) 321

Iron deficiency in vegetarians is usually due to a B12 deficiency. B12 is found in some plant materials and is commonly added to fortified grains, but is most commonly obtained by eating meat. Supplements can help, too. Do you take a daily vitamin?

This sort of overly-simplified view of dietary requirements is why many vegetarians, and other people, often have difficulties.

Comment Re:Two choices (Score 1) 765

There's also...

Results #3: Company realizes they f*cked up and really want to keep you, so they offer you x% more than you new employer to stay.

It's rare, but I've seen it happen. If it's only about the money, then giving notice can be a wake-up call for your employer to re-assess your value to them.

But since they know that you're willing to leave, they'll either start actively seeking your replacement or at least keep an eye out for possible replacements.

The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but it's also the first one to be replaced.

Comment Re:Folks, have your license and registration ready (Score 1) 293

I'm not quite sure what you think I was saying, but very little of your response has anything to do with what I actually said...

The vast majority of cops spend their workday seated in vehicles in traffic or at desks, which is the dictionary definition of sedentary (I'm not joking, look it up). There's no value judgement associated with that fact and it doesn't mean that they're lazy any more than every other sedentary job holding worker is lazy. It is just as dangerous for cops as it is for office workers, though, and it is responsible for many deaths of police.

I sure didn't mean to get your panties all in a bunch but I'm not going to pretend that all cops are fine people just because a tiny minority of them put their life on the line. I've known a good number of cops over the years and the best of them left the force or were handling investigations. The guys pulling their guns out at every traffic stop in suburbia are just assholes and you don't need to make excuses for them. They were assholes before they became cops and they just like being able to bark at people and wave their guns around.

Comment Re:Folks, have your license and registration ready (Score 1) 293

Cop is a relatively dangerous job.

For the vast majority of cops, any danger on the job only comes from the fact that they're sedentary and spend a lot of time in traffic. Jobs that involve moving in traffic more, like truck driver, cab driver, garbage collector, etc, end up being considerably more dangerous than police work and that's primarily because of the greater exposure to traffic.

The main danger of being a cop is 'rotted soul'. Near 100% are affected.

I think that a lot of them already have that affliction on the way in. There are a few good reasons to want to be a cop and a whole lot of bad reasons.

Comment Re:Removable storage that never gets removed (Score 1) 221

He's probably using the cheapest SD card he can find and it's slow, flaky, and says that it's 64 GB, but it's really only 8 GB. This is a real issue and has soured many people on expandable storage and even phones/brands/OSs.. The solution isn't to stop building card slots in phones, however.

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