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Comment Re:Hard to hire? Doubtful (Score 1) 109

This has been my experience as well. When I've been able to identify and directly contact the actual hiring manager, they seem delighted to talk to me and always lament the complete lack of qualified applicants (none of them ever got my resume passed to them from HR). So far I've ended up turning down most of these offers, but you have to wonder how many other qualified resumes the hiring manager never even sees.

Any communications with HR, even if addressed to a specific person, are just blackholed. I have no idea why companies even have these useless departments or if there are actually any real people in them at all.

Comment Re: Worldwide news are always US only. (Score 1) 256

Scientific research in the US is conducted in entirely metric, without exception. Medicine, the military, and most engineering firms in the US use metric.

That street signs, recipes, and people's height/weight use customary units is a non-issue. Even many countries that claim to use metric still cling to customary units in trivial areas such as this. Getting all bent out of shape about it is silly.

Comment Re:How many apps? (Score 1) 198

(Assuming of course that after paying the Danegeld the amortized cost would still be less than switching to a different phone on a different provider.)

Assuming that paying the Danegeld once gets you off of the hook forever, which you know it doesn't (since you're referring to it as Danegeld). Verizon's next step it to find out who is willing to pay more on a continual basis and then expect it to be paid regularly.

You're already paying for service. Paying extra to avoid new abuses is setting a bad precedent.

Comment Re:$400 an year for traffic data? better have top (Score 1) 203

Which comes with the added bonus of actually paying attention to driving instead of fucking around with your phone until somebody honks (or your car beeps) to tell you that the light changed. Everybody else thanks you, too. At least everyone who isn't fucking around with their phone instead of driving.

Comment Re:Thinner / Lighter ... who cares (Score 1) 304

Speaking of false, let me know how the hell you feel your Mid2012 MBP has any relevance in a discussion about how hard it is to upgrade their current line of hardware.

There are two things you can now upgrade after purchase in Apple laptops; Jack and Shit.

It's relevant because the mid-2012 MBP is the last notebook of theirs that has upgradable memory and SDD and they still sell it to this day.

It may not be from the current generation of hardware, but it's certainly in the current line of hardware.

Comment Re:How do you keep VLC sustainable? (Score 1) 204

No kidding. This idea that every hobby needs to generate teh profitz that seems to permeate nearly ever corner of the internet is so obnoxious. Especially since it always seems to play out in the form of ever more advertising.

The hosting costs are minimal, even for a big project like VLC. They can easily be paid for by the involved devs or covered through a few unsolicited donations. My hobbies cost more than that and I'm not constantly seeking to monetize them.

Comment Re:Relief for when a company goes out of business (Score 1) 122

But copyright is so broken it's criminal. Despite the problems, we have greater problems in American to solve, such as the open disdain for and circumvention of law at all levels, in every area.

The latter problem is intimately related to, and follows from, the former (and similarly broken laws). Fixing copyright law will actually help to fix the open disdain for law in general.

To make laws that man cannot, and will not obey, serves to bring all law into contempt.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Comment Re:They won't ID me (Score 1) 242

For events like these, I drag out ye olde Motorola from the Reagan administration and leave the iPhone at home.

It doesn't have to be a smartphone to be caught by a Stingray. If it can communicate with the cell network, it can be identified by the Stingray: smartphone, dumbphone, and bag phone alike (linked because, yes... GSM bag phones exist).

Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 1) 236

Almost every one is from the same are code and exchange as me, just a different last 4. A couple of times it was even my own number.

I absolutely love that the spammers do this. My cell phone number has the area code where I went to college and, since I moved, I don't get calls from a single other person in that area code. I've just put the entire area code in my blacklist and I get annoyed by way less of these calls.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 2) 184

Also, it seems to take a little bit of time before you start to feel full, even if you've eaten enough food to make you full. Eating slower helps you stop eating before you get too stuffed. Drinking water with meals also helps you get the "full" feeling before you're painfully over-full.

I don't have any weight problems, but I absolutely hate the feeling of being over-full. I noticed that I'm way more likely to have it happen if I eat very quickly.

With the increased energy I also did a bit more weightlifting.

Building muscle burns energy, but even just having more muscle increases your resting energy consumption and can help you lose weight. Handy!

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