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Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 84

The Rust Belt in particular began its decline decades ago. You might as well blame Carter and Reagan if you're looking for targets. And what exactly would killing NAFTA do, other than hike prices massively, screwing over consumers. If you're going to attack any trade relationship, get general agreement with the NAFTA and EU countries to nail China's balls to the wall for its cheap steal.

Comment Re:First lesson (Score 3, Interesting) 101

NAT may do a good job obscuring internal topology, but it does saw at considerable cost; breaking the end to end concept of the original ARPANET structure, requiring more resources, and creating far greater complexity for routers. Yes, a flat address space that sits in the public address space might, on the surface, expose more devices, but this is where firewalls come into play. I can still have a rather complex topology, but now I have to worry less about routing and connection tables, and can use less resource expensive techniques like tagging.

It was never IPv6's intention to be more secure, and you're right that many existing issues will remain with IPv6, and there will likely be new ones, but one thing is certain, if the solution is NAT, then that solution is worse than the disease it purports to cure. And it isn't as if NAT can't be vulnerable in its own way, and the only way to make it less vulnerable is, you guessed it, firewalls, authentication, and other security measures which are also needed in an IPv6 world.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 2) 499

Christ, the kooks do come out when the topic of vaccination comes around.

As with all fucking morons, they seem to believe that just because they have some opinion, no matter how retarded that opinion is and no matter how much it proves them to be worthless contemptible creatures, they think that opinion is enough to create a "controversy".

They are indeed the most disgusting worthless vile things that have ever existed.There are simple worms with barely any kind of gut at all who have more right to live, and more neurons.

Comment Re: Basement theory (Score 2) 113

There's no more likelihood of civil war come November 9th than there was eight years ago when Obama became President. Yes, there will be some miserable losers, and this time they'll have a miserable loser in Donald Trump, but they'll do what they did eight years ago, be assholes on the Internet and get on with their lives.

Comment Re:Phone (Score 4, Insightful) 234

If Ecuador has decided to shut off his Internet access to stop him from trying to fuck around with the US election, I have a feeling that they wouldn't be any more tolerant of him using alternative means to continue the campaign. I honestly think that his days hanging out in the Ecuadorian Embassy are numbered, and too much pursuing of his October Surprise strategy is likely to mean he's shown the door.

Comment Re:Basement theory (Score 4, Insightful) 113

Circumstantial may mean there's a question mark, but it doesn't mean "no evidence at all". Certainly Russia would gain greatly from a President who was less willing to stand behind the US's European allies, and who, all in all, would likely represent a more inward-gazing US. Russia has no hope in hell of ever militarily dominating the West, but if it can divide, then it gains a great deal of strategic space.

Clinton's victory means the general policy towards Russia that has, by and large, been the US's strategy since the Truman Administration, remains intact, so it is clearly in Russia's interest to try to help the person that at least might represent a break with that strategy.

Yes, it is circumstantial, and there is a possible counterargument that not even Putin actually would want someone as potentially unpredictable as Donald Trump in the White House, but I still lean towards Russia wanting a more isolationist Administration in the White House, much as it wants the European Union and NATO to be weakened. These three entities; the US, the EU and NATO represent significant checks on Russia's ability to project its power, and if any or all of them can be weakened or eliminated, it is of enormous strategic advantage to Russia.

Comment Re:Ignores the issue (Score 5, Insightful) 113

Ah yes, the real damaging ones are just around the corner...

It's less than three weeks away, and no modern presidential candidate has ever come from this far behind at this late a date, so if Assange and Friends really are interested in tanking the Clinton campaign, to wait until this late date, AFTER millions have already cast their ballots, would be idiotic.

The alternative explanation is that there really isn't anything there so odious that it's going to make a difference, and this is just Assange's latest "Look at me!" bid.

Probably his last, too, if the rumors that Ecuador is in discussions to kick his ass out of the embassy.

Comment Re: Probably. As resource-rich as Earth. (Score 1) 124

It's pretty doubtful that any kind of pre-biotic organic matter could even survive where there is a large biosphere with thousands of species that eat such matter are around. As to not observing things, well, no one has observed a quark, or indeed, any elementary particle, and we can only infer their existence from other lines of evidence. Does that mean electrons are impossible, or does it just mean that direct observation is not the only way you confirm a theory?

Beyond that, other aspects of your post amount to straw men. There's no reason to believe DNA was the first means of passing hereditable traits, or that the earliest self-replicating molecules were much like life we observe today.

Comment Re:Best use of your Entertainment $ out there (Score 2) 90

The big advantage of the content Netflix itself produces, or at least buys outright, is that it can show it in all the countries it is available in. So while a specific show, like the Marvel series, may be considered "niche" when one looks at one single market, the viewership in all markets for even a niche show can be substantial.

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