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Journal Journal: George is insane.


This guy is that nutbug, aka George, that sits behind and to the right of me in SP-365 (Solaris 8 internals)

Also, kadb is fucked up. It can save your ass from a runaway realtime process. Gotta start playing with the linux equivalent (todo).


Journal Journal: The premise is obvious but...

1) Techies tend to hate marketroids. They think the product should stand on its own. They hate spin.

2) Products don't make it without effective marketing. No one will know about it. You have to at least know how to reach the proper forum to declare your release.

Therefore, a successful marketing team is critical to the success of some tech enterprise. What defines a good marketing team?

People who can find an angle on what you have an leverage it into an interesting, new or popular niche. Go beyond what the design team had planned for, or pull out the most critical aspect.

You mean you can do THAT with it???!

They should not be the ones dictating what the project needs to do so that they can market it; thats the wrong way around. They need to figure out why whatever you have is more than what it was intended to do. The product could sell itself on programmer's intent, provided the market isn't too saturated with solutions.

In that case, a marketing team who can find that unique, wonderful thing about your solution is CRITICAL so you don't look like another fish in the sea.

It shouldn't be about gimmicks, making promises you can't keep, or making you look good. Or pulling a Bose on people and lying to their faces or manipulating distributors.

Good marketing people will tell you something you didn't already know; something that is entirely correct!

Keep that in mind when you venture off to write the next killer app or something.

So marketing majors, businessmen, tell me why I'm wrong... after all this is just a rambling thought here.


Journal Journal: New Slashdot Poll Idea

The new moderation category should be:

  • -1: Incorrect
  • -1: Astroturfing
  • -1: Speaking out of the Ass
  • +0: Devil's Advocate (yes, that's a 0)
  • +1: Concise
  • +1: Example Code
  • +2: Artful Integration of CowboyNeal

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