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Comment They don't have a lock on that market anymore (Score 1) 328

Even the Beats knock-off STREET ANC cans from SMS have the noise cancelation that is reviewed as being as good as the QC line, while being cheaper, and having a different mix of connectivity options and styling choices.

Bose has got to start differentiating themselves or innovate instead of leaning on brand inertia.

Comment Timer units -- Cron as a separate concern (Score 1) 469

Cron has specific semantics about batch scheduling of tasks or periodic, non-overlapping tasks. It runs them in a particular execution context, and I like knowing that it logs it an very identifiable way (both through the audit log and cron logs). Syntax of a cron job file is very low on the totem pole of things I care about when it comes to batch or periodic tasks. This is not a trivial task, as you say, and it deserves a closed system, especially if it must be targeted by cross-platform products needing such a facility.

Comment Re:Well, we're at the fighting stage I guess (Score 1) 240

It's pretty much only useful as a short term medium of exchange.

Exactly. And it has certain design criteria that make this a really interesting prospect. Unfortunately not enough people are interested in using it for this purpose, probably because they don't know enough about it, or don't trust it.

For example, I think it has potential for a "free" way to do high volume B2B settlement among international entities... but I never hear anyone talk about this.

Submission + - CmdrTaco: Anti-Beta Movement a "Vocal Minority" (washingtonpost.com) 30

Antipater writes: The furor over Slashdot Beta is loud enough that even outside media has begun to notice. The Washington Post's tech blog The Switch has written a piece on the issue, and the anti-Beta protesters aren't going to be happy about it. The Post questioned Slashdot founder Rob Malda, who believes the protests are the work of only a vocal minority or readers: "It's easy to forget that the vocal population of a community driven site like Slashdot might be the most important group, but they are typically also the smallest class of users." The current caretakers of Slashdot need to balance the needs of all users with their limited engineering resources, Malda argues — noting wryly, "It ain't easy."

Submission + - If we Buck Feta and leave, where should we go? 17

Covalent writes: I am a long-time slashdot reader (don't let the UID fool you), and I agree with most of you that the Beta is a disaster. Dice has promised a fix, but what if this garbage is the new reality? Is there a suitable alternative to slashdot that members would find equally (or more) fulfilling? Is someone going to fork slashdot and start it anew (Taco can you hear me?) Or is this just the end of an era?

Submission + - Slashdot Beta Sucks Elephant Penis 2

ShaunC writes: Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes:

Have you even seen an elephant penis? Because I have, and the colors align to Slashdot. The beta is so bad, Roland Piquepaille is surrendering his account (as the French do). The GNAA has reorganized to post fake job offerings on Dice.com with an emphasis on affirmative action. Profane Motherfucker has come out of retirement simply to say: "fuck this shit."

Comment Re:What's left? (Score 2) 195

IBM's consulting services and design expertise on the big iron side is where all the money is. All the money in that they are the highest margin portions of the business and they get to set prices (very little meaningful competition, lots of opportunity for lockin)

I'd love to explain it by way of analogy, but I don't want to stretch the concept of the fuck beta too thin, and car analogies are so last decade. Let's just say IBM wants to advise you on how you can escape from slashdot beta into their loving arms.

Comment Re: I love the new Beta! (Score 1) 207

On my desktop you can only fit about half as much content, and it has definitely negatively impacted usability. Also it's missing some key infrastructure changes that should have been top priority that were ignored for making it just seem more modern.

These are very good reasons to be angry about it.

Also, you are a cur.

Submission + - DICE executives arrested 1

An anonymous reader writes: The new Slashdot Beta is so bad that the SEC has apparently arrested the entire C-Suite in charge of the iconic site's parent company for destroying shareholder value. Four people in New England have apparently suffered strokes after viewing the beta; more charges could follow. In related news, the Miami county, FL, sheriff's department has issued a warrant for "John Doe", the as yet unidentified four year old who has been posing as a web designer and is thought responsible for the execution of this heinous crime.

Submission + - I do like the new Slashdot Beta

An anonymous reader writes: Nah, just kidding. It sucks!

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