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Comment Re:Easy Fix... (Score 1) 352

Two thoughts... once you outsource your development to Tata/Unisys, sometimes the only way to get it done on time is to bring the staff on shore. That way you are not dealing with a layer of project managers who are really salesman and promise waay to much and don't tell the staff what they need to know.

We all forget that there are plenty of less skilled people in the US who would happily work for less than $150 000. What happens when the government outsources the one IT job in a small town?

Comment Re:Cost of Living (Score 1) 587

I think tech companies just like to cluster. Future CEOs move to San Francisco so they can run into the next Elon Musk in a coffee shop and start a company together. Why was the next Elon Musk there? because that's where the venture capitalists are. Why are the venture capitalists there? you get the idea..

Its become a big issue here in Sydney. The government brings in migrants to keep the economy growing, even when there isn't the money to build more roads, hire more buss drivers, etc. The only people who score are the house owners who sell for 10x to an apartment developer, who sells the apartments to investors who rent them out to hard working, broke people like myowntrueself ;) Its all a big machine.

Comment Re:I'm paid well because... (Score 1) 587

It has very little to do with your skills as such. Its about the ecosystem around you.

I listened to a podcast several months ago. They interviewed a prominent venture capitalist. He said the salaries in San Francisco were worth every penny. He said, that his companies could just call up a recruiter who had years of experience finding employees for startups. The recruiter could usually find someone who has production experience with the technologies the startup planned on using. If his companies needed a lawyer, he could easily find one who worked regularly with startups and understood the laws affecting them really well.

The VC didn't say this exactly, but he could have gone one to say that in San Francisco he could easily hire someone to install gigabit wireless speeds at his company with a warranty that actually means something!

Do you get my drift?

Comment Right thing but for the wrong reasons? (Score 1) 364

Its well known that services like Spotify don't make much money. They charge the cost of a CD a month, which is way more than I used to spend on CDs. Yet, everyone in the chain is struggling.

" Roger Entner of Recon Analytics says streaming music services should be sustainable when they reach 10 million paying users. "

I am not sure how big the streaming market will become, but 10 million users just to break even sounds like a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if 10 years from now only two or three streaming services are actually profitable.

Those 2 or 3 companies will wield all the power and eventually re-negotiate deals that are horrid for the music industry.

I worry that the (indie) labels are just being short sited. They should welcome several players in the streaming market and charge them a reasonable rate. That's the best way they can ensure the streaming music industry is alive and healthy.

Comment Re:Mweeehhhh (Score 1) 376

tumblr is moving the world forward; you just have to consider why Yahoo bought tumblr.

Yahoo wants to find out more about you. So it can do everything from sending you target advertising... to telling companies how many people will buy their new product. I think that's moving the world forward.

I wish Google had a better idea of how many people would buy their Nexus 7.

Comment Re:Typical. (Score 2) 141

Well, he said they are growing. So, who knows where they will be in 2 - 5 years. I am sure they don't and none of us have a crystal ball.

The question should be, whats their strategy? you know.. the usual... where do you want to be in 5 years? how will you want to get there? and whats the catch?

So, if the answer came back... " We want to be the largest ISP in the country. We are sitting on a pile of cash and plan to out spend everyone else. The problem is are as stupid as the stuff pigs play in". Then something expensive and well supported is probably the way to go.

I think you guys get the idea...

Comment They should all go wholesale (Score 1) 247

I have seen 1st hand how wasteful cellular networks can be. They have 20+ price plans, each with detailed rules like when to turn on your mailbox.So, their billing systems aren't cheap.

Then they know most customers don't care about which network they are on. So the networks spend a fortune to keep reminding you about their brand...

I wish they would just sell wholesale. Governments should allow anyone with a commitment to setup a decent network in an area to go ahead. Then have companies (similar to ISPs) who buy up access from the wholesalers and provide customers with nationwide coverage.

I just think cellular networks are one way the rich keep getting richer!

Comment Even if they wanted to, could they? (Score 1) 402

So much as been said over the years about how scared Microsoft is to touch certain parts of their code base... If I remember correctly, Outlook is a prime example. But, for a company whose biggest success is that a 20 year old app will run on their OS or a 10 year old excel document will open correctly... is it really possible to for them to a decent port office to objective C ?

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