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Comment Re:How dare they hack NY Times reporters! (Score 0, Troll) 57's NSA's fault when foreign intelligence services conduct espionage against US political parties, media organizations, etc., and actively try to influence the outcomes of US elections, and manipulate the opinions of US citizens? You realize that no matter who wins in November, possibly millions of Americans will believe the election was stolen or rigged, and possibly by foreign influence?

I know, I know -- in this crowd, the US is the enemy, here, and we don't actually need to have any kind of foreign intelligence capability; NSA's sole purpose for being is to figure out ways to illegally spy on Americans so it can solidify the power base of shadowy elites. Or something. Whenever I need to be reminded of just how out of touch many people are with history, reality, or both, I read Slashdot comments.

Comment I am happy for my freedom (Score 0, Offtopic) 75

My laptop died while I was on travel. I want to select my next expensive device carefully, so I need a disposable computer, something I can hand off to a computerless person in a few months. I went last night to Micro Center and bought a $219 Acer laptop, a $55 250GB SSD and a $35 8GB stick of DDR3L RAM. And a screwdriver, spudger and static strap.

2 hours later, I was able to shove an Ubuntu 16.04 live DVD into the drive of this thing and start computing on the hotel network. The removed 500GB hard drive preloaded with Windows 10 (yuck) and the OEM 4GB stick of RAM sat alongside it.

I was able to completely avoid Microsoft's preloaded pile of shit and other than throwing a couple of switches in the BIOS, it was fairly painless...for me*. And I got a pretty responsive system for my effort. Compare and contrast to the cellphone situation.

I roll with an iPhone for this reason. My last Android device (HTC Desire Z) was my last Android device, ever.

*this system being such a POS that I had to remove the entire motherboard, blower fan and WLAN card to change out one SODIMM of RAM. The plastic bottom even has a nifty RAM chip pressed into the (nonremovable) solid bottom of the case, as if it were some kind of access door.

Comment Re:Publishing porn without actor permission (Score 2) 133

I am not sure it's a matter of 'not caring'. I think it's a matter of litigation following the money, and there was no pot of gold at the other end of the "Fappening" investigation.

You can see it too with the dim view that most courts take towards ACLU/EFF type cases. The logic seems to go "this case doesn't matter, since it will have no practical effect, so why am I being forced to decide it?" In reality, it does have a practical impact on governance, but courts tend to view that as dollars and cents. I wonder if we should be upset about that, or happy that the courts are less than eager to be making political decisions?

Comment Re:Publishing porn without actor permission (Score 2) 133

Sounds like E&O coverage. They'd find a way to avoid paying in this case. That's more than half of what insurance companies spend time doing - finding ways to weasel out of paying for the purchased coverage. I did that for a while and then had to take many showers to clean off the sleaze of manipulating people into screwing themselves out of payment.

He was also personally liable to the tune of I think $10 million. I also don't think the $135 million would be all his anyway. And they'll try to siphon it all off with the judgement anyway - first thing the lawyers should do is petition to impound that money for the duration of the appeal.

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