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Submission + - iOS Gamer's Buyer's Guide (

molotovjester writes: " has a substantial and comprehensive list of games for your iPhone or iPad with a short review of each to make game buying decisions easier for either the iOS veteran or newbie. Obvious favorites like Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies are on the list, but more brief reviews of more obscure titles also get highlighted."

Submission + - Researchers Discover a New Phase of Matter (

autospa writes: "A team of researchers has discovered the strongest evidence yet that a puzzling gap in the electronic structures of some high-temperature superconductors could indicate a new phase of matter. Understanding this 'pseudogap' has been a 20-year quest for researchers who are trying to find superconductors that operate at room temperature."

Submission + - Google Voice unsecure 1

vikcy writes: "Is google voice unsecure?

Hi folks,

Just yesterday I found that the link for voicemail in google voice, can be opened without logging in gmail.

Steps to reproduce-

1. Log in gmail in Mozilla firefox or Internet explorer.
2. If you have a google voice number & if u have received a voicemail message, click on the message.
3. The message will be displayed with the subjet as,'New voicemail from (519) XXX-XXXX..
4.Click on the 'Play message' link displayed in the body of the message.

5. A new window or tab will open & the voicemail message will start to play.

6. Notice the URL in the address bar, which starts with https:/// The main idea of HTTPS is to create a secure channel.

7. Copy the entire url from the address bar & paste it in a notepad.

8.Logout from gmail & all other google sites.

9. Paste the link(saved in notepad) in any other browser window address bar & the URL opens & the voicemail message is played back.

10. Alternatively, you can open the url on any other machine connected to the Internet, & it opens up without asking for the user details.

11. This behaviour is not acceptable, since if the user is not logged in, the voicemail message should not be played back.

12. On opening the URL, the site should ask for username & password. This amounts to breach of users privacy & also faulty implementation of the https protocol.

Even sites without https ask for the user details."

Submission + - Google to Hold Back 'Honeycomb' From Phones

adeelarshad82 writes: Andy Rubin, vice-president for engineering at Google and head of its Android group, informed that Google will hold back its Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" to smaller phone manufacturers for undisclosed period of time. He said that Honeycomb was designed for tablets, not phones, and that it had more work to do before Honeycomb was released in an open-source format. Since OEMs like HTC or Motorola already have the code, it puts smaller phone manufacturers at a disadvantage plus carriers like Cricket Wireless, and its plans to carry forthcoming seven-inch Anydata tablet that will run on Honeycomb, up in the air.

Submission + - Xen 4.1 Hypervisor releases; (

LarsKurth writes: "The open source community just released a new version of the Xen Hypervisor, Xen 4.1. Feature highlights are a new prototype scheduler for latency-sensitive workloads, better support for very large systems (>255 CPUs, 1GB/2MB super page sizes), new security features, and many others. During the development cycle, the xen community closely worked with upstream Linux projects
During the development cycle of Xen 4.1, the Xen community worked closely with upstream Linux projects to ensure that Xen dom0 support and Xen guest support is available from unmodified Linux distributions. For a full list of changes, please see the release announcement."


Submission + - U of I Goes All War-of-the-World on Students

theodp writes: 'Strange beings who landed in New Jersey tonight are the vanguard of an invading army from Mars.' (Orson Welles, 1938). 'We begin bombing in five minutes.' (Ronald Regan, 1984). 'Active shooter at BUILDING NAME/INTERSECTION. Escape area if safe to do so or shield/secure your location.' (Univ. of Illinois, 2011). An alert message sent out Thursday to 87,000 emails and cell phones warning recipients to escape from an 'active shooter' at the University of Illinois was an error, the Office of the Chief of Police confirmed. 'The alert sent today was caused by a person making a mistake,' explained an email. 'Rather than pushing the SAVE button to update the pre-scripted message, the person pushed the SUBMIT button. We are working with the provider of the Illini-Alert service to implement additional security features in the program to prevent this type of error.' Hey, maybe the late Mayor Daley had it right after all: The police are here to preserve disorder.

Comment Soluton: Make games for PC... (Score 1) 590

Well, the develops could exclusively release the game for the PC where they can implement draconian DRM that pisses everyone off...that seems like a good solution...they could probably even do that on the consoles if they wanted to alienate customers the way PC customers are alienated by phone-home I guess the problem is the nevermind.

I guess PC is only better for developers because there arn't as many resources for buying/selling used games as there is for console. Its just that pirating is so much easier. So I guess that point is moot too.

I guess I would choose the console market after wall given that used games sales is the "lesser evil" compared to pirating.

Oh well...So developers I say: choose your poison! But you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Comment I got yer back Zed (Score 1) 367

Hey Zed -
I whole heartedly agree.
I think that the problem is bigger than the open source community. It has a lot to do with today's sense of entitlement that the internet has created.
Today's kids grew up watching their older siblings and parents downloading "free" software and music without understanding the implications of it.

Mod me down for my libertarian views, but not for my desire to earn my living through my own work and not through the work of others.


Comment Marketing Penetration vs Market REACH (Score 1) 325

Not every iPhone/Touch user is a gamer, so the penetration measurement here is significantly skewed.

If you wanted to talk about Market REACH (entirely different metric) then you still couldn't compare since the reach of the other systems is still far greater than what Apple can even have a wet dream for.

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