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Comment Re:Direct from the Luddite in Chief (Score 1) 635

I don't think people are clamoring to destroy the looms here. There is a very real problem if you can have most low skill jobs and some highly paid high skill jobs automated and replaced in the next 30 years. there is an even greater problem by the end of this century where the remainder of the low skill jobs are gone to automation and all but the most difficult/easiest to protect (politics for instance) are replaced with automation.

The Luddite solution would be to pass laws preventing the use of AI...that is stupid.

Now, solve the problem and you can't just say "magic skill acquisition" because catastrophically displaced workers (elimination of their job) do not retool at high enough rates for that to be viable and there is no way you can tell how new industries will be created in a world where AI is the lense with which new things are designed for market.

Comment Re:We already have one. (Score 1) 635

Lets hold charter schools and private schools to some basic quality requirements before handing over public money to educate children. Parents in Detroit sued the state because the chart schools that are available failed to teach their children to read....WTF....our stupid state SCOTUS said children have no right to be competently taught.

You can't put money into the hands of an uneducated (literally) population and ask them to figure out where to send their kids to school, taking into account they need to be wary of schools that suck at education. Basic standards are needed to ensure all choices will meet the needs (needs, not desires) of educating children.

Comment Re:We already have one. (Score 1) 635

AI breaks the current economic system. People need to realize that to put in place a solution now for where it will go by mid century will save a lot of headaches and pain.

start with the eventual resting point (within reason, assume no perfect androids). All task oriented and knowledge jobs that do not require a human connection (think work that is not face to face customer service or require empathy driven interactions) is automated by AI, even the repair of the machines the AI uses is driven by AI.

What does that mean? Factories, Fast Food, Driving, professional services like Lawyers and doctors, street cleaning, construction, janitorial services...all could easily be replaced.

It won't be a drastic change but it won't be slow.

Comment Re:We already have one. (Score 2) 635

Lawyers are the most at risk in the knowledge economy. Other than court room work, a lot of what they are needed for is replicable with an AI.

Radiologists will start to be reduced to one on staff at a hospital per shift in 5 years. Eventually primary care providers will be replaced by medical expert systems and nurses that are certified to use them. Then comes the secondary, tertiary and quaternary care physicians.

Nurses will probably not go away for a very long time but they will certainly be augmented through AI technologies. Emergency Room providers require the need to be highly dynamic with decisions made with less information than an AI would be capable of for a while as well but a lot of the complaints in an ED could be handled with AI driven technologies as well.

No profession is safe from this change. It is fundamental and it will break Capitalism.

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