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Comment A better solution would be (Score 1) 352

I am for making it harder to apply for visas but what would help even more would be to require a sponsor to get the visa but once granted the worker is free to move about from company to company for the duration of the visa. That would do 2 things:

1) Companies will ask "Is it really worth the expense if this person can find a better job once here?"
2) This would allow wage market forces to come to bare on these workers so they are not suppressing wages in the market.

Comment Re:Sigh... (Score 0) 237

uhhh....The brain isn't some magic organ. It reacts to external sources of energy as any part of the body and there are TWO things external sources of energy can produce, heat or ionization (the removal of electrons from an atom to produce an ion).

So....since Microwaves are not ionizing (citation: PHYSICS) you are left with heat which as stated is near zero.

Comment Re:Too good to be true. (Score 1) 203

Wow, try reading....

"At the same time, the film sucked heat out of whatever surface it was sitting on and radiated that energy at a mid-IR frequency of 10 micrometers. Because few air molecules absorb IR at that frequency, the radiation drifts into empty space without warming the air or the surrounding materials, causing the objects below to cool by as much as 10C. "

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