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Comment Re:Probably a flawed analysis (Score 1) 989

In a couple of years you won't even have to do that. You can drive to Vegas on a Tesla (or a Model 3 in two years) from pretty much anywhere in the US, by utilizing the supercharger network: . And in a couple of years it'll cover all of the major routes.

Comment Re:a maintenance nightmare (Score 1) 188

We are talking about natural gas, not hydrogen. You can burn natural gas in solid oxide cells but so far none exist that are practical (otherwise all those gas turbines would have switched). And the _real_ (not proposed theoretical) numbers are miserable. See here: - that's with cogeneration (i.e. waste heat is also reused).

This is nothing more than a window dressing to greenwash increasing dependency of Germany on natural gas.

Comment Re:a maintenance nightmare (Score 1) 188

I've been hearing this since 2000-s and the price for wind did come down. But the cost of offshore generation also is not coming down. There's a reason for this - sea is a hostile environment and turbines have to be built to withstand much more aggressive weather.

The main problem with renewables right now is lack of energy storage, so simply scaling variable sources doesn't work at all. It's looking to be a fundamental problem that can derail the whole transition.

Comment Re:a maintenance nightmare (Score 2, Informative) 188

Even in Europe the installed offshore wind capacity is pretty much a rounding error. If we look at Denmark then they have 1.2GW of installed offshore generation with a capacity factor of about 20%. So that's just 300MW of average generation without guaranteed capacity. I.e. less than one block of a modern thermal power plant or 1/4-th of one reactor in a modern nuclear power plant.

It's mostly OK for Denmark because they export excess energy into Norway and Sweden which store it in hydroaccmulating powerplants. But that doesn't scale at all.

Comment Re:First cool site was 'the liquid oxygen barbecue (Score 1) 136

Besides the LOX demo and his invention of Refrigerant R-406A "AutoFrost", George was an Alpha Hardware Hacker at Purdue who presented at Usenix conferences. He got a grant to work on multiprocessing, and so he took two VAX 780's, and connected them by the backplane, creating a multiprocessor VAX. Digital Equipment liked it so much that they made a product of it, called the VAX/782. The CPU clock was 5 MHz and there were a lot of DIP-package digital logic ICs in there, with lots of space between them on the PCBs.

Comment Classic Steve Jobs and the Nascent Web (Score 5, Interesting) 136

Steve Jobs and some folks from Pixar were going out to lunch one day. While walking out of the building, Steve said "we have to find the killer app for the Internet". Steve and I both had NeXT workstations on our desks, and they had the first Mosaic web browser for NeXTStep on them. I'm not sure I even tried that browser, but we both completely missed that this was the killer app for the Internet.

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