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Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 1) 306

In my parents' case, they had high, solidly middle class or even upper middle class incomes but got into credit card and tax trouble related to doing outside contracting. This all happened right around the same time that I went to college, so it was very bad timing. The IRS fines really add up quickly, and credit card trouble is bad news, and was even worse in the late 80s with high interest rates.

Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 1) 306

When you say "financial aid", I suspect you are not including loans. I think that is why it seems like we are talking past one another. I don't doubt that you make too much to qualify for certain need-based grants and scholarships. You almost certainly qualify for public loans and tax credits.

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 5, Interesting) 252

It's not so black and white. I'm an unabashed pirate, and cost is only one factor. When I was young, "free" was the main reason and I would jump through hoops if necessary. The primary reason for my piracy now is DRM and the lack of a centralized repository. Sorry, I'm not going to browse iTunes, Amazon, my cable box, Roku, Hulu, etc until I find the movie or TV show that I'm looking for when 99% of the time it is on usenet, ready to stream to any device that I own. If you want me as a customer, you need to be - at the minimum - as convenient as the free option. Easy search and no DRM are my prerequisites. Music is better - most of the big guys have abandoned DRM, and services like Spotify have made free and legit even more convenient than pirated.

Comment Re: Positive feedback? (Score 1) 306

Even the summary indicates that these schools bend over backwards to accommodate their poor students. Not only that, this isn't an article about poor students, but rather the entire lower 60% income bracket is compared. If you are in the 60th percentile for income, you are not poor.

Also, without education the poor will remain poor no matter how smart they are.

I think that is a large part of what the parent was saying.

Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 1) 128

This is why I like to buy used rental cars - in addition to not having leather seats (I prefer cloth, especially on a hot day), they typically have very simple stereos and lack a lot of the bells and whistles that often break or become obsolete. I'd much rather clip my smartphone into a holder and have the very latest nav technology, up to date maps, and entertainment options.

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